A damning report on the management of the green Fund

Un rapport accablant sur la gestion du Fonds vert

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The new minister of the Environment, MarieChantal Chassé, believes that these severe findings confirm “there is an urgent need to re-examine the actions financed by the green Fund”.

The management of the green Fund and the projects it funds will be fully revised and corrected in the light of a damning report published Wednesday that has put the prime minister François Legault in all its states.

“It is managed for you no matter how !” exclaimed the prime minister when called upon to respond.

“[There are] several government departments which pick and there is no optimization in function of the reduction of [greenhouse gas emissions], so a lot of work to do, ” dropped François Legault.

The report of the Board of management of the green Fund (CGFV) recommends the continued use of less than half of the measures in the action Plan 2013-2020 on climate change.

The Duty had already unveiled the key last September.

The council indicates that out of a total of 185 actions to promote the ecological transition, only 71 should be pursued — the other being to improve, to re-evaluate or to outright abandon it as soon as possible.

On this subject, François Legault did not want to decide the immediate fate of projects that are already underway and funded by the green Fund : “We’re going to watch, be it projects of ministries, municipalities, companies. It is necessary that each dollar invested to make the most of way to reduce GHG emissions. “

The report concludes that a major shift is needed to optimize the use of funds from the green Fund, created in 2006 to support the implementation of environmental measures and promote the sustainable development of Québec.

A plan to come

The minister of the Environment, MarieChantal Chassé, for his part, noted the lack of accountability on the environmental front of the green Fund : “there are only 17 shares out of 185 who have an indicator of reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. It is alarming when we know that it is exactly what the green Fund. “

She was assured that this situation would no longer be acceptable in the future : “It will be necessary for each of the shares [to which] these amounts are allocated to have performance indicators. “

Ms. Chassé has reminded her that she was to prepare a plan of action, insisting the passage several times on the fact that the green Fund had amounts that have not yet been used.

“It is clear that we are going to ensure that funds that are currently dormant — I can’t accept that for a long time — […] are being used efficiently to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. “

The minister noted, however, that the money from the green Fund should also be directed towards adaptation to climate change, of which the general population just to measure the impacts that she is not seen again.

“The plan of action that will be in place will allow us to reduce efficiently the greenhouse gas emissions, but also to address issues to better adapt to climate change,” she said.

Quebec has given itself a target of reducing its GHG emissions to 20% below their 1990 level, by 2020.

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