Ads-partisan: serendipity or election tactic?

Annonces partisanes: heureux hasard ou tactique électorale?

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Projet Montréal has used the resources of the office of the mayor to announce the renovation of the boulevard Gouin, considers All Montreal.

If the administration made two important announcements in the space of a few days in areas where will take place elections, it is a chance, argued Wednesday that the mayor Valérie Plant. The opposition at City hall does not see coincidence and has filed a complaint with the Director general of elections of Quebec (DGEQ).

All Montreal believes that projet Montréal has used the resources of the office of the mayor to announce, Saturday, the refurbishment of the boulevard Gouin est, a new likely to promote its candidate in the by-election of 16 December to the mayor of Rivière-des-Prairies–Pointe-aux-Trembles.

And on Wednesday, the mayor unveiled its action Plan on immigration and integration of newcomers in Saint-Michel, where there will also be a by-election. “Usually, this kind of announcement is made at city hall. It clearly wants to give a signal to the voters, ” said the head of the Whole Montreal, Lionel Perez.


Last summer, the boulevard Gouin est has been appointed by CAA-Quebec as the worst road in Quebec. While she was visiting last Saturday the borough RDP–PAT in support of its candidate, Caroline Bourgeois, Valérie Plante has announced the refurbishment of a first section of 7 km in the spring of 2019. A second stretch of 4 km will be completed the following year.

For Lionel Perez, the fact that the record was expected for the years unlocks in the middle of the election campaign is not the fruit of chance. “It is something that they have hidden from the public debate for the budget to book this ad. For someone who says he wants to do politics differently, the mayor has used the old ways of doing politics. “

All Montreal has filed a complaint with the DGEQ regarding the announcement on Saturday, stating that this expenditure has been made in the electoral context, without the approval of the official agent.

Replica of the mayor

Valérie Plante sees it rather as a “gift” these two ads : “They have been in power for four years, they have done nothing for the boulevard Gouin. But we decided that this would be recorded in the ITP [three year capital works Program and budget. I am very proud to be able to defend the interests of RDP–PAT, which had not been done before. “

As to Saint-Michel, this is a sector where the groups are very engaged in the field of immigration and integration, she recalled.

Contacted by The Duty, the office of the DGEQ has not wanted to comment on the record, citing the confidentiality of complaints that are submitted to him.

The election for mayor of RDP–PAT is made necessary in the wake of the election of Chantal Rouleau in the national Assembly. Manuel Guedes briguera this post for All Montreal.

In Saint-Michel, Nadine Raymond, of Project Montréal, is facing Josue Corvil, All Montreal.

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