Airbus announced the sale of 120 aircraft of the former CSeries

Airbus annonce la vente de 120 appareils de l’ancienne CSeries

Photo: Frederic Scheiber Archives Associated Press
The backlog of A220 amounted to more than 500 devices.

European aircraft manufacturer Airbus on Thursday announced the finalization of two contracts for the sales of 60 aircraft each of its new family of devices A220, formerly known as the CSeries from manufacturer montreal Bombardier.

A value of 11 billion US $for the two contracts, totalling 120 aircraft have been signed at the end of the month of December with two american companies, JetBlue, and Moxy. The aircraft will be built in the United States in the new Airbus plant in Mobile, Alabama.

These first sales concluded by the european company since it took control of the program devices of which remained minority shareholders of its creator, the company Bombardier and the government of Quebec, had been the subject of two memoranda of understanding in July.

In both cases, the u.s. customers have chosen the version the more devices 100 to 150 seats, the A220-300. The fleet of JetBlue already had 193 aircraft Airbus A-320, a bit larger, and expect the other 85. Moxy is a new carrier at a discount which should see the light of day in 2021.

This brings the order book from A220 to more than 500 devices.

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