Architectures belgian and quebec to the tune

Architectures belges et québécoises au diapason

Photo: Civiliti
Railway bridge Campus MIL. Architects : Civiliti / Lv.

Between the pedestrian bridge above a railway line of the square Cage to Bear in Brussels and the railway bridge of the site Outremont, there are more similarities than not. These two structures contribute to the metamorphosis of a place. The sports centre Adeps La Fraineuse, Spa, and the soccer stadium of the environmental complex of Saint-Michel have little in common, but the two are in a relationship of respect with the landscape. Such comparisons between the five projects in Belgium and five in Québec are at the heart of this exhibition by the end of the course. By interference, the duo belgo-quebec commissioners wanted to highlight the regenerative power of the architecture of sites rendered obsolete.

Enter: interference

At the Center of design of UQAM, until 9 December

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