Bergevin doesn’t want to sacrifice the future of the CH for short-term solutions

Bergevin ne veut pas sacrifier l’avenir du CH pour des solutions à court terme

Photo: Ryan Remiorz, The canadian Press
Bergevin recalled that an injury to a key could quickly derail the course of his troupe.

The Canadian is at the heart of the race series at mid-season, which is pleasing of course to Marc Bergevin. However, the director-general of montreal has insisted that he will not be sacrificed not the team’s future for short-term solutions.

Return of the world Championship of junior hockey, where he was able to observe seven hopes of the Habs, Bergevin has made the point on the situation of the team.

“I had said from day one that if we were healthy, the goal was to fight for a playoff spot. We have done so far, recalled Bergevin, Monday. I expect the same thing during the second half of the season.

“It is still very early, nobody talks about a lot of transactions up to 10 days or a week before the deadline. I’m ready to lend an ear, but it must make sense, and I do not want to sacrifice the future of the team. After the world junior Championship, I know what to expect and I don’t intend to share these hopes. “

The american striker Ryan Poehling was named the outstanding player of the tournament, the defender of Russian Alexander Romanov has been elected to the team and star winger Finnish Jesse Ylonen has helped his country win the gold. The goalie Cayden Primeau (United States), defender Josh Brook (Canada) and forwards Nick Suzuki (Canada) and Jacob Olofsson (Sweden) also participated in the tournament.

“I’m not going to give a choice of the first round for a player rental, stressed Bergevin. It will be a good deal in the short-and long-term.

“I don’t know what will be available made to the deadline [February 25], but for the moment, it requires a choice of the first round for players who would not make the difference between winning the Stanley cup, or qualify accuracy. “

Before facing the Wild in Minnesota Monday night, the Canadian was ranked as the ninth largest of the Association Is, to a point of a playoff spot. During the first half of the season, the speed and the energy displayed by the players of Canada have been the trademark of the team.

“I love the character of the team, that we would be able to come back, that we were not doing last season, mentioned Bergevin. I had also forgotten what it was like to have Shea Weber in his training since he has been absent for so long. “

Weber returned to the game on November 27, after an absence of almost 50 weeks as a result of operations to a foot and a knee. The team has posted a record of 11-7-0 since his return.

Even if the Canadian has surpassed the expectations of many in the first half of the campaign, the road is still long by the tournament end of the season. Bergevin recalled that an injury to a key could quickly derail the course of his troupe.


The attacker-Charles Hudon has played two games since the beginning of the month of December :

“It will be an opportunity to get back in to training and this will be up to him to take things in hand to ensure that it will not be rejected. […] It remains in Montreal for the moment. “

Defender David Schlemko, who has been limited to 55 games in a season and a half with the Canadian, has been submitted to the voting :

“If he is not claimed, we want it to go to Laval to find his game. Now, it is out of our control, since his name has been entered in the tie, but we would like to keep it since it provides depth to the organization. “

Forward Andrew Shaw was in the infirmary since December 31, because of headaches that might be related to a concussion :

“I don’t think that they will be absent for a very long time, but it could also be a long absence. I have no answer. I hope that he will return quickly. “

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