Bristol-Myers Squibb buys Celgene

Bristol-Myers Squibb rachète Celgene

Photo: Georges Gobet Agence France-Presse
The amount paid amounted to 74 billion US$.

A giant of the treatment against the cancer is going to be born after the announcement Thursday of the redemption of Celgene, one of the largest american companies of biotechnology by the laboratory Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS), to 74 billion dollars, an astronomical amount, which confirms the growing interest in the ” biotech “.

According to a press release issued by the us pharmaceuticals giant, the shareholders of BMS will own 69 % of the new company and those of Celgene 31 %, at the end of the first big buyout of the year on Wall Street.

In detail, each shareholder of Celgene shall receive one share of Bristol-Myers Squibb as well as $ 50 for each of its titles.

“The transaction will create a company specialized in the biopharmaceutical technology to meet the needs of patients with cancer, inflammatory diseases and autoimmune diseases or cardiovascular thanks to innovative medicines “, underscores Bristol-Myers Squibb in its press release.

Other mergers — certainly less impressive in regards to amounts, which have facilitated the sector of biotechs in the last year, already.

Sanofi, for example, was awarded last January the specialist therapies for hemophilia Bioverativ for $ 11.6 billion and had spent a few days later 3.9 billion euros for the belgian Ablynx.

In may, the swiss giant, Novartis had laid hands on AveXis, which is developing treatments for rare genetic diseases, for $ 8.7 billion.

And Celgene itself had acquired for $ 9 billion, a specialist in the treatment of leukaemia, Juno Therapeutics.

“Most of the laboratories biotech are condemned to make amends by large,” says Rafi Mardachti, p.-d. g. of Universal Medica Group, a consulting company in the pharmaceutical industry.

“When you have an innovation today, many products come on the market. 15 years ago, the life of a groundbreaking treatment had a shelf life much longer “, he said to the AFP.

This acquisition exceeds the repurchase of the irish Shire by the laboratory, a japanese pharmaceutical Takeda for an amount already huge (51,5 billion euros), last year.

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