Camera moves in Guy Glorious

Mouvements de caméra chez Guy Glorieux

Photo: Guy Glorieux
Guy Glorieux, Noctambule 14, Mtl, Hochelaga-Maisonneuve

The man of sténopés and images made without a camera, as an experimental photographer that is Guy Glorious not to experience almost. The project Noctambule, combining book and expo, it has certainly had to take over the camera, but it is based on other uncertainties. The drift, at night, under the care of a taxi. The one especially of the movement of the photographic tool, is leaving to act against the current. Camera unstable, by car or on foot, Guy, Glorious paints a picture of Montreal around the theme of fire, between the views of the refineries and the jets leaking of urban lighting. Elusive at first glance, not very sharp, photos of Noctambule let the breath, the gesture of the artist.


A book (Guy Glorieux, Guy Glorious editor, Montreal, 2018, 45 pages) and an exhibition at the galerie Carte Blanche, Montreal

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