City of Montreal: advocacy of the opposition for the fires that are exclusive to pedestrians

Ville de Montréal: plaidoyer de l’opposition pour des feux exclusifs aux piétons

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In Montreal, in general, at intersections with traffic lights, the pedestrians cross at the same time as the car.

Should or should not establish more stages exclusive for pedestrians at traffic lights ? The opposition of the Montreal City hall believes that this measure would better protect the elderly and children who are walking. The directors Plant is not as convinced, believing that this approach results in delinquent behaviour. She has even agreed to address the issue.

The advisor of the Whole Montreal, Dominic Perri, filed on Tuesday a motion at the meeting of the municipal council so that the City acquires some of the intersections of traffic signals with phases exclusive to pedestrians, called fires in the mode ” all red “. The cars are immobilized in all directions when pedestrians are crossing the intersection.

According to Mr. Perri, these lights could be used at intersections located near schools or near residences for the elderly. “This is a concrete solution to reduce road accidents. With the fires intelligent, it is quite possible “, he argues.


The phases exclusive present issues of security, however, has supported the responsible for the file Transport to the executive committee, Éric Alan Caldwell, who had referred to the case of the City of Quebec, where this type of signaling is widespread and ” where there is a level of delinquency higher “.

The phases exclusive prolong the waiting pedestrians. “It follows a phenomenon of intuitive delinquency. Pedestrians will begin to apply the highway safety Code, such as they have known, that is to say, when they go to see the green light parallel to their crossing, they will cross even if there is the hand, ” explained Mr. Caldwell.

In Montreal for example, at intersections with traffic lights, the pedestrians cross at the same time as the car. Arrows prohibiting the right turn is displayed for a few seconds, which protects the pedestrian when they begin their crossing.

The administration has agreed to support the motion for the adoption of an amendment. The City is committed to integrating the deployment of traffic lights pedestrian mode with “all red” around schools and old people’s homes ” where such an approach is the most appropriate.

A strategy among others

For Dr. Patrick Morency, physician and community health specialist at the public health Directorate of Montreal, there is no doubt that the phases exclusive to better protect pedestrians.

“The problem in Quebec, it is not phase-protected, it is the waiting time. If this waiting time is considered too long, pedestrians will cross before you fire them. And during the phase-exclusive, there are more pedestrians. So, it frustrates everyone. “

It is thus necessary to find the right dosage to ensure the smooth flow of traffic while giving it the time required to cross an intersection safely. “Usually, the waiting time and the duration of the phases depend on the volumes of traffic in respective of pedestrians and cars,” he says.

According to Dr. Morency, the phases exclusive lend themselves well to the places where the pedestrians are very numerous as to nearby office towers. They can also be planted around schools, but only at those located on the arteries with more than two lanes of traffic in each direction.

Still, the lights for pedestrians are only one strategy among others to increase the safety of users, notes Dr. Morency : “We promotes physical adjustments permanent to protect pedestrians as well as for reducing the speed of vehicles and volume of traffic.”

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