Data protection is becoming a selling point

La protection des données devient un argument de vente

Photo: David Mcnew Agence France-Presse
The Consumer Electronics Show officially opens Tuesday in Las Vegas.

“What happens on your iPhone stays on your iPhone” : Apple, yet absent from the Consumer Electronics Show (ces), the high mass of the annual technology, offered a huge billboard in Las Vegas to pose as the protector of personal data.

In the aisles of the ces, which opens its doors officially Tuesday, the topic of security is not new. But the revelations around the opaque management of personal data and connected speakers that record all the conversations of the household have passed through here. The subject is now indispensable, and, for many companies, it has become an axis of development, and an argument to effective marketing.

“We have received a very important lesson this year [2018] : speaker smart listening to it constantly. With the risk that Alexa [voice assistant Amazon] the transmission of private conversations, a device can now assure consumers that their privacy is digital security, ” boasts the american company Winston Privacy, which begins to market its enclosure of the same name.

Controversies ” are as Christmas gifts for us ! , “says Richard Stokes, the head of the company. Winston, brushed metal and sleek design, “encrypts it, and makes anonymous” data from computers, tablets, phones and connected objects of the house, promising, and “protection” against ” espionage “. Winston also blocks the location, and the pubs, ” says Mr Stokes.

The Dutch Scalys, presents him in THESE his TrustBox (literally ” Box of trust “), a router that is supposed to ” secure not only the communications, but also all the connected objects “.

According to the firm eMarketer, more than 74 million Americans will use a speaker connected to voice command in 2019, which is 15% higher than last year, with Amazon as the leader, followed by Google.

“Confidentiality is a major concern and legitimate when using a speaker connected “, argues also the american Smarte. Module round Mute is used to block the ears of the connected speakers : it is fixed on the top of the Amazon Echo and block the microphones when you wish.

The French Snips offers with its software to operate devices with voice command without the need of Internet. And so without the risk of data leakage.

To charge for manufacturers to integrate into their various appliances : coffee machine, washing machine,…

Before the scandals of 2018 and the european Regulation of data protection, “it was a little to the care bears good-natured, but then, our clients have returned to us,” interested in the idea of ” don’t depend on GAFA “, the giant tech, explains the boss of Snips Rand Hindi. Some companies “have panicked” this year, he adds.

“Last year, we have become conscious, in pain, at which point the question of personal data is important and has many implications “, abounds Bob O’donnell, analyst for Technalysis, which provides more of products off-line in 2019.

Unlike Google or Amazon, Snips ” does not send your voice on server “, it works locally, on the device, reminiscent of Rand Hindi.

Although these giant tech explained that the sending of the data is essential to operate their assistants voice, “this is not true, the only reason they need, it is for you to target the most,” he said again.

According to him, Snips “is just as effective, if not better” than the solutions that work thanks to the ” cloud “, the cloud, which rotates, Amazon Alexa, or Google Wizard.

Example radical a will to stand out of the technology industry, and of all his critics, le Pavé parisien, speaker hi-fi wireless “fully concrete” is away from devices packed with intelligence and ultra-connected colleteurs data of tech giants.

“Each part of the Pad in paris is designed to be repairable and recyclable,” says the French start-up The Concrete Family, and present THESE, saying, also want to fight against ” the programmed obsolescence “.

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