David Lemieux still doesn’t understand what happened in New York

David Lemieux ne comprend toujours pas ce qui s’est passé à New York

Photo: Sarah Stier / Getty Images / Agence France-Presse
The disappointment is big for David Lemieux, who has assured his sponsor that he has followed the game plan set by his team.

David Lemieux is always looking to understand what happened last weekend while he had to be hospitalized due to the effects of dehydration caused by his loss of weight, forcing the cancellation of his fight scheduled against Tureano Johnson.

“I saw him [Monday]. For him, there is only one word : disappointment, said Tuesday Camille Estephan, president of Eye of the Tiger Management. It is in the unknown, because we do not know why his body reacted the way this time. However, we followed the same protocol to his last fight, and everything had worked. Testing is done and we’re waiting to see what the specialists will say. “

For the sponsor, there is no doubt that the future of Lemieux must go through the super-average, or 168 lb.

“We talked about it briefly. For me, my idea is made. What I want to make clear is that he made the weight, but his body has responded, he has sent the message that it is no longer able to do that. He must listen to his body. I am not a doctor, I’m the guy from the finance and promotion in the career of David Lemieux, then I have to rely on the specialists. As everyone knows, after Quebec [the fight against Karim Achour, who received a bonus when Lemieux was unable to observe the weight of the contract], because I wanted to go to 168, but I was convinced to stay at 160. […] I don’t know what more to say for the moment. “

The disappointment is that much greater for Lemieux, who has assured Estephan be followed to the letter the game plan set by his team.

“He made all the sacrifices he had to until the last second and he has no combat. It does not feel good compared to that. But his health comes before everything. […] Sometimes we forget that boxers are really hurt by the amount in the ring in similar situations. It is necessary to protect them against themselves. David was stubborn for a long time with Marc Ramsay : he wanted to still fight. “

If it is too early to establish the timing of Lemieux for 2019, Estephan is confident that it will not be difficult to sell her boxer changing division.

“David Lemieux is still very seller. With the team of coaches, you must look at what will be the procedure to follow. Me, I’m going to go and look for the tools. It is different at 168 lbs, because the guys there are great. But if you want to play devil’s advocate, one could say that Mike Tyson, at five foot ten, ” knockait of the guys from six feet six.

“There are some bumps in life. If you stop, as well let go of everything. We will work hard and go above and you will see it in a few weeks, in a year, as it turned out to be positive, the story. Yes, we wanted a fight against Canelo, but this is not the only struggle that exists. “

Germain against Claggett

Estephan had not invited the media to talk about the state of health of Lemieux, but to announce the fight between the Quebec Mathieu Germain and Alberta’s Steve Claggett, on the 26th of January next, at the Montreal Casino.

Germain (16-0, 8 K.-O.) will then try to defend for the second time his title for the north american super-lightweight of the International Boxing Federation (IBF) in front of Claggett (27-5-1, 17 K.-O.), which had been subjected to Yves Ulysse his first defeat, in October 2017, by split decision.

It is not known why his body reacted the way this time. However, we followed the same protocol to his last fight, and everything had worked.

— Camille Estephan

“He has my belt : there was no choice but to fight,” said Claggett by videoconference about the title he had won in the face of Odysseus. I think our two styles will be a good fight. It will show the boxing fans of the canadians who is the best boxer in the country. “

“Steve Claggett said he was going to pass me the K. O. But on what planet he lives ? wondered Germain. I’m going to go back to school. I’ll show him what a good IQ of boxing. “

The semi-final will be another belt at stake, while Sadriddin Akhmedov (6-0, 6 K.-O.) will have the opportunity to put a hand on the belt to junior, the World Boxing Council (WBC) super-welterweight, against an opponent yet to be determined. The title is currently vacant.

The heavyweight Arslanbek Makhmudov (5-0, 5 K.-O.), Clovis Drolet (8-0, 5 K.-O.), Vincent Thibault (7-0, 2 K.-O.), Kim Clavel (5-0, 1 K.-O.), Raphael Courchesne (4-0, 2 K.-O.), François Pratte (8-0), Kaemy Savoy (1-0), as well as the young boxer of Quebec Lexson Mathieu, who will make his debut among the professionals, will also be in action.

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