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Émilie Corriveau
Special Collaboration

November 24, 2018

Emballez-vous pour le théâtre!

Photo: Giorgio Sottile
For toddlers, the play “Pigiami” sheds light on the ritual of the bedtime of two playful children.

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December is at our doors, just as the Holiday season. That this is to entertain you in this period of festivities, or to drag a little culture under the christmas tree, the theatre can offer you exciting options. To help you find your way, here is a sparkling cocktail of suggestions !

Theatre du Rideau vert

From 27 November to 5 January, the Théâtre du Rideau vert will present its traditional appointment in the Holiday season, Reviewed and corrected. Directed by Nathalie Lecompte, the piece will bring together on stage the actors Martin Héroux, Marc St-Martin, Suzanne Champagne, Benoit Paquette, Joëlle Lanctôt. Through comic skits and songs irreverent, the gang takes a look satire on the events of the last few months. To put on the agenda for a good laugh.

Theatre The Lined

For a fifth consecutive year, the Theatre The Lined host the review humorous Beu-bye, a production of the Collective time that stops. Through skits, parody, vocal numbers and choreography crazy, the actors Mathieu Campagna, Joëlle Bourdon, Jean-Philippe Côté, Philippe Durocher, Nicolas Létourneau, Monika Pestle and Nicola-Frank Vachon will laugh at the year 2018. A dozen performances are scheduled in the calendar. Not to be missed if you pass by Quebec between 14 and 29 December.

Home Theater

Home Theatre, it is in your pajamas that we’ll be celebrating the Holidays this year. From 28 November to 6 January, the very young (3-8 years old) will be invited to discover Pigiami (or pajamas in Italian), a creation of the Fondazione Teatro Ragazzi E Giovani Onlus, a theatre company based in Turin. The exhibit will highlight the ritual of the bedtime of two playful children. She will carry the young audience in the room of the latter, as well as in the meanders of their imagination. A play to see to entertain the children during the holidays.

First Act

In collaboration with The Centre de valorisation du patrimoine vivant, the Theatre the first Act will present from 14 to 30 December, the eighth edition of Tales to pass the time, a production of the company, The foolish Virgin. Held on the theme of music, the show will give body to six chronicles written by authors from Quebec. These will be interpreted by a distribution of actors also from the region : Frederick Brunet, Israel Gamache, Linda Laplante, Valérie Laroche, Jacques Leblanc, Marc-Antoine Marceau and Sarah Villeneuve-Desjardins. All performances will take place in the vaulted cellars of the historic House Knight. For any lover of fairy tales, this production is certainly worth the detour.

The Théâtre du Trident

In January, the théâtre du Trident will present Good retirement, Jocelyne, a piece signed and directed by Fabien Cloutier. It recounts with humor the painful dinner of the retirement of Jocelyne, which will be interpreted by the actress Josée Deschênes. Several actors will also perform on stage : Jean-Guy Bouchard, Claude Despins, Sophie Dion, Lauren Hartley, Eric Leblanc, Brigitte Poupart, Vincent Roy and Lauriane S. Thibodeau.

As squeaky as funny, this production should not leave anyone indifferent.

If you would like to offer this piece to a close this year, be aware that the theatre of the Trident offers for the Holidays a gift to be advantageous : three pieces for $ 99. The holders of these passports will be able to attend productions of Antigone, Good retirement, Jocelyne and I raised at the time of their choice.

Free space


Several shows will be the shows to free Space in the next few months. Some of the most amazing include HOME DEPOT : a museum of the perishable, the production of the company’s Composite Materials will be presented from February 22 to march 9, 2019. Directed by professional artists with the participation of citizens in the Centre-Sud district, it is the fruit of the encounter of poets and playwrights with residents of NURSING homes. A piece touching tale that will plunge the audience into a universe where life and death come together in the institutionalization.

Note that free Space and offers passports to three or five shows, which offer attractive discounts on the purchase of the ticket to the unit and provide access to discounts at its partners. They offer very well as a gift.

Theatre At The Stables


From 26 February to 16 march, the room We will wax our guns digital in a sweatshop Portuguese will be showing in the theatre at The Stables. Directed by Justin Laramée, it tells the story of Paulo, a teenager who learns he was adopted when discovering by chance an old video that his father has left lying around on the Internet. Presented during the Festival’s Ever Read in 2017, its signed text from the pen of Maximus Brillon received an enthusiastic reception. Its transposition on stage promises to be festive and unique !

If the idea of offering this piece as a gift you are approached, take note that the theatre, The Stables offers a special package for the Holidays. For$ 45, you get three shows and a t-shirt.

The Unicorn

The return of the Holidays, the Unicorn will host a re-creation of the Théâtre de La Manufacture : The Queens’ of the author Jean-Marc Dalpé. Directed by Fernand Rainville, this piece offering a reflection on the theme of the transmission meet David Boutin, Marie-Thérèse Fortin, Alice Pascual, Dominique Quesnel and Hamidou Kimsey. Should we hold his past in order to move forward in life, or rather to remain true to its heritage by account for its origins ? This is the profound question posed by this play, which promises to be introspective.

To offer it under the christmas tree, the ideal is to obtain a check-a gift of the Unicorn. Flexible, this format allows recipients to choose the show and date of representation that best suit their needs.

Théâtre Denise Pelletier

This winter, the théâtre Denise Pelletier is propose to transport the people of quebec in a village in Sweden in the last century. From 30 January to 23 February 2019, he will present one of the key works of Ingmar Bergman, Fanny and Alexander. The latter portrays the life of a young boy and his younger sister in a wealthy family, Ekdahl, and recounts their arduous journey after the death of their father. Directed by Félix-Antoine Boutin and Sophie Cadieux, the piece will feature Luc Bourgeois, Rosalie Daoust, Annette Garant, Ariel Ifergan, Renaud Lacelle-Bourdon, Steve Laplante, Patricia Lariviere, Eve Pressault and Gabriel Szabo. Tuck in a greeting card, tickets for Fanny and Alexander will no doubt be happy.

Salle Pierre-Mercure of the Centre Pierre-Péladeau

After 45 sold-out shows at the green Curtain, the piece The fairies are thirsty will be back from 8 to 13 January 2019, at the salle Pierre-Mercure of the Centre Pierre-Péladeau. Directed by Sophie Clement, the work of Denise Boucher is carried by a solid trio of actors : Bénédicte Décary, Pascale Montreuil and Caroline Lavigne. Highlighting three feminine archetypes, the mother, the whore and the Virgin Mary, the proposal illustrates brilliantly the shackles which are locked in the women. To give as a gift to all those who have not had the chance to see the piece in the fall.

Théâtre de Quat’sous


From 9 April to 8 may 2019, the Théâtre de Quat’sous will present Scenes of the conjugal life, a play derived from the famous study of the couple of Ingmar Bergman. James Hyndman as a sign of the adaptation and the staging ; this is a first for the actor. Assume also one of the two main roles alongside the excellent Evelyne de la Chenelière. For anyone who wants to spoil a lover of theatre this year, Scenes of married life is definitely an option to consider.

Emballez-vous pour le théâtre!

Photomontage: Jean-François Gratton
Alexandre Goyette will play the lead role in the tragedy shakespearean “Coriolanus”.



This winter, the TNM presents the tragedy shakespearean Coriolanus. Directed by Robert Lepage, the play was performed in the spring of 2018 in the English version at the Stratford Festival and garnered praise. Telling the story of Caius Marcius, a fearsome war-leader, she wants to be a thrilling political narrative that puts into question the relations of power between the aristocracy and the people. Surrounded by a dozen actors, including Anne-Marie Cadieux and Rémy Girard, Alexandre Goyette played the title role. Promising a discount dramatic of the work, the production has everything it takes to become a must-see. To give as a gift without hesitation.

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