Economy: our five articles are the most read of 2018

Économie: nos cinq articles les plus lus de 2018

Photo: Saul Loeb Agence France-Presse
In 2018, the american president, Donald Trump, has imposed tariffs that have shaken the global economy.

What effect will the behavior of Donald Trump on our portfolio ? And on our job ? How to adapt to the giants of the digital, which short-circuit the systems already in place ? And the environment, in all of this ? In economy, these are complex questions that have animated the research of responses of the readers of the Duty. List.

5th position : The future of the cement plant McInnis questioned

The cement plant in Port-Daniel, in the Gaspé, was inaugurated in September 2017. Barely four months later, in January 2018, the future of the plant – one of the most polluting of Quebec, and in which the Caisse had invested — had already been questioned.

4th position : The response of canadian tariffs

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth ? On the 1st of last June, citing national security concerns, the u.s. government Donald Trump’s imposed significant tariffs on aluminum and steel canadian. July 1, Ottawa, was thus forced to adopt measures of reprisal to try to bend Washington.

3rd position : “Everything ends up being contaminated “

The curse Trump ? The disorders caused by the american president to go beyond the aluminum and steel, was concerned in June the p.-d. g. of the Chamber of commerce of Canada, who denounced in a loud voice his contempt of the cooperation and international law.

2nd place : Quebec clamps down on the online trade

The summer of 2018 will have been the one in which the government of Quebec has lost patience in the face of the online retailers offenders. To collect a portion of the $ 158 million that Revenu Québec claims to lose because of the trade online, the organization has launched a pilot project in collaboration with Canada Post. Remains to be seen whether the measure will have concrete results.

1st position : The risk of a sharp fall of the global economy accumulate

Well aware that Donald Trump plays to the pyromaniac with its threats of trade war, the OECD has pointed out in broad strokes in November that the global economy is not immune to a disaster. All the more that the economic growth of recent years has not benefited the poorest, admits the international organization…

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