Environment: our five articles are the most read of 2018

Environnement: nos cinq articles les plus lus de 2018

Photo: Philippe Lopez, Agence France-Presse
In 2018, the environmental groups have sounded the alarm about the signals always the most worrisome of global warming.

What to do to avoid the deadlock of climate? While the changing climate is accelerating, it is the research of a solution that has inspired the readers of the Duty. List.

5th : Eat less meat to combat climate change ?

The fight against climate change by our stomach. Global meat production continues to increase for years, but it is the contrary that must happen if we want to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, plead scientists who have examined the global agricultural system.

4th position : Canada as a champion of the production of waste in the world

Sad title for the Canadian — and, in turn, the Quebec – : they hold the dubious title of world champions in the production of waste, with the equivalent of nearly one ton per capita… not to mention their poor management, that poisons the environment at small fire.

3rd position : For the climate, would you be willing to sacrifice your plane trips ?

In terms of greenhouse gas emissions, each transatlantic flight spits, per passenger, the equivalent of 60% of the annual emissions of a car. Should we stop traveling ? Until where to go to reduce its carbon footprint ?

2nd position : humanity has exhausted the resources of the planet to 2018

Now, it is a sad ritual. Each year, always earlier and earlier, ecologists mark the ” day of tolerance “, the day when humanity has consumed all the resources that the planet was able to produce for the entire year. In 2018, it was the 1st of August, and there is no improvement in sight…

1st position : Plastic Attack : a global movement which is small in Montreal

The magnitude of the environmental challenge discourages more than one, but the citizens ‘ initiatives are increasing and are small. In may, Montreal became the first city in America to be the scene of ” attack the plastic.” The goal ? Raise consumer awareness of the ecological disaster created by the six to eight million tons of plastic that end up discarded in the oceans of the planet.

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