For a tailor-made solution for young people in NURSING homes

Pour une solution sur mesure pour les jeunes en CHSLD

Photo: Jacques Nadeau Le Devoir
Marguerite Blais would like to put in place of smaller homes to accommodate the young people and their avoidance of a stay in a CHSLD.

Young people who suffer from physical disabilities, severe have not lost their place in a “house of elders” in a CHSLD, should be the minister responsible for Seniors and caregivers, Marguerite Blais.

“We started to think about it a lot, a lot,” said the minister in an interview. For the time being, she called for a tailor-made solution in the form of ” small units “. She thinks in particular of the houses, “smaller” than the ” houses of the elders “.

“Another avenue to consider “, she adds, ” it is to have houses, but the islands for people who are younger so that they can live together while receiving care and services. […] When you’re a young person with 25 other seniors, do you feel lost a little, ” she said.

Fran├žois Marcotte, a resident of the CHSLD 43-year-old with multiple sclerosis was recently challenged the government on this subject in the pages of the Duty. ” They announced they wanted to abolish NURSING homes to make the homes of seniors. Well, this might be the time to create stuff for young people. Me, I dream of having my little studio with my private bathroom. Just like that, ” he asked. In the same article, Robert Rathier, the father of a 26 year old young man was saying that he had reluctantly put his son in a CHSLD due to lack of resources to keep it at home.

Consultation expected

A topic that will surely be discussed at the consultation on the carers that organises Marguerite Blais, University of Laval on Tuesday. Not less than 200 speakers are expected at this event, which aims to establish the basis of the future national Policy of family caregivers.

Ms. Blais doesn’t hide it : she is less aware of the reality of the carers of young people with disabilities and the caregivers of seniors. It also runs on the consultation to fill this gap, since the Policy will cover all of the caregivers, promises. “Not only the family caregivers of seniors. We want to include, we want to reach to several caregivers. “

Ms. Blais has even been close caregiver to her husband who died of cancer. It is estimated that no fewer than 1.6 million of people play this role in Quebec. Asked about the objective of the meeting, the former television presenter replies that this is a matter of ” respect “. “If one is not able to listen to the people who are both representatives of organizations, researchers, health professionals, around a same table, then listen to what they want in the policy, I think that we miss,” she said.

Until now, Fran├žois Legault has committed to invest 93 million in the policy, she notes, in particular by an increase in tax credits for family caregivers (up to $ 2,500 per year). Over the coming years, the minister will also have to convince the minister of Finance to release funds to finance the homes of the elders that it wants to deploy in the network to replace the CHSLD.

When we pointed out to her that this promises to be expensive, she replies that she is going to have to be ” nice with the minister of Finance “. And then adds that, whatever happens, she is convinced that the government will inject the funds needed. Why is that so ? “You know why I think it’s going to work ? Because all the ministers have parents who are aging. It was all in Quebec. All the world is caught, everyone is a caregiver, somewhere. “

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