“I didn’t know it poet”: love in letters

«Je ne te savais pas poète»: aimer en toutes lettres

Photo: Sylvie-Ann Paré
Rose-Anne Déry and Laury, Loonie play Pauline Julien and Gérald Godin.

Twenty-four years, Gérald Godin died. Twenty years ago that Pauline Julien went to join him. This season, to our delight, a couple of theatre-makers have chosen to capture what the couple has left in heritage, pay homage to their love, their talent and their commitment. After I am looking for a house that looks like you Marie-Christine Lê-Huu, and Benoît Vermeulen, and before Colonized Annick Lefebvre and René Richard Cyr, you can see even at this time, in the intimate studio Space free, to I knew not a poet.

André-Luc Tessier has created his (first) show for two actors (Rose-Anne Déry and Laury Loonie) and two musicians (Yves Morin on piano and Stephen Thibeault on guitar) from the correspondence of the famous couple, partially published in a book published by Leméac in 2009, La renarde et le mal peigné. The director has also drawn sparingly on the side of the songs of Pauline, poems of Gerald and audio archives. On the plateau, a table and two chairs, but above all, walls covered with words written in chalk by the two characters, these are people separated by the miles, often even by an ocean.

The quiet Revolution to the 1990s, the strike of lightning until the death of the désunisse, Pauline and Gerald continued to write. Their exchanges are passionate, imaginative and vigorous, alternately tender and cruel, sometimes downright stormy. Let’s be clear : it is not a question here of a show a documentary, or even biographical, strictly speaking. There are many in the passages selected by Tessier two or three allusions to the political situation, certainly a few references to their respective careers, but it is first and foremost a love as it is a question, doubts, and anxieties that entails, of the risks involved, starting with the absence, temporary or permanent, but also of the wonders that it provides.

In the role of Pauline Julien, Rose-Anne Déry is irresistible. It was reminiscent of the vixen, his energy, his ardor, but without ever imitating him. The few songs she sings are beautiful ; you would have taken more. In the skin of Gérald Godin, Laury Loonie is less convincing. Physical sound evokes that of the badly combed, but it lacks the character a bit of charisma. About Yves Morin and Étienne Thibeault, they bathe the representation of notes and sounds, escorted gently out the action shots of melodies and sounds. In sum, this show is akin to a cocoon of love is hard to regret.

I didn’t know it poet

Text : Gérald Godin and Pauline Julien. Directed by : André-Luc Tessier. The production of a Blackboard. In the studio Space free until December 22nd.

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