Marwah Rizqy wants to be a leader of the QLP at the service of the “fatherland”

Marwah Rizqy veut un chef du PLQ au service de la «patrie»

Photo: Valérian Mazataud The Duty
Marwah Rizqy says that she “has not closed the door” to the idea of trying his luck in the upcoming leadership race.

This is not so much of a young chief as a leader who is able to “pass to the fatherland before the party” that the liberals need, considers the mp Marwah Rizqy. It does not refute a certain interest for the position.

Newly elected to the national Assembly, Ms. Rizqy says that she “has not closed the door” to the idea of trying his luck in the upcoming leadership race. “But the race is not triggered, she says. I will begin my reflection when this will be triggered, and wondering if it is the right thing to do for Quebec and the party. “

On Sunday, the former minister Pierre Moreau said in an interview with Radio-Canada that it will be ” important that the next leader would embody this rising generation, that of 30-40 years “. He himself chose to pass his turn.

However, the names circulating as possible candidates for the succession of Philippe Couillard the Quebec liberal Party (QLP) are all under the age of 45 years : Dominique Anglade (44), Ms. Rizqy (33), André Fortin (36) or Sébastien Proulx (43). Only non-elected associate of the group, Alexandre Taillefer was 46 years old.

But for Marwah Rizqy, the age that should be the next leader is not a quality in itself. “We want someone that puts the fatherland before the party,” she said, evoking the memory of the former prime minister of the pq’s Bernard Landry. “He always had the burning desire to serve the province of Quebec “, an essential quality in his eyes.

Above all, she believes that” before we talk about who would be the good chief, it is necessary to revisit the proposals that we want to present to Quebecers. It has understood the message of the 1st of October : it was clear that Quebecers were not packaged [by the LIBERALS]. They are accustomed to a party who has the ambition. “

The president of the QLP, Antoine Atallah, is currently conducting a tour across Quebec to collect the opinions of the activists and to try to determine the causes of the defeat of the 1st of October. “All the stones will be returned “, he promised.

Ms. Rizqy hope that the exercise will help to understand “why so many liberals stayed home” the day of the vote. Data compiled by The Duty in October showed that the liberal vote has declined in districts with more strong structure non-French-speaking, and among those where the participation rate was the lowest.


That said, the liberals should follow the proposal of Pierre Moreau and to entrust the reins of the party to a person who would be in the thirties or forties ? Not necessarily, meet the two observers.

Chargé de cours at UQAM, and a doctoral student in political science, Félix Mathieu believes that the QLP must seek ” a figure that brings people together for different generations “. The problems of the QLP are deep, he said : with young people, or French-speaking voters in the region, the liberals have a way to go everywhere.

An air new

Beyond the age, ” change will come from someone who, in his way of being, his attitude, will bring an air of new “. In other words : “Someone unqui has not been there for 15 years” of the reign liberal, thinks Mr. Mathieu.

In this sense, the decision of Pierre Moreau of not showing up appears to him good : impossible to mark the break with the years of Charest and Couillard when it has been one of the pillars of these governments, ” he said.

Félix Mathieu argues that in this context, Dominique Anglade would have the necessary assets. “It would be a novelty unquestionable within that party [Ms. Anglade was chair of the Coalition avenir Québec five years ago], having exercised the power, as a minister,” he argued.

The political scientist Guy Lachapelle, Concordia University, also believes that “a leader more young would not be a solution” miracle to the fundamental problems of the QLP.

“The priority will be to reconnect with their francophone base, and everywhere in Quebec “, he noted. That, and ” reset their program and their vision of federalism “.

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