“Messed up montreal 2018”: in the warm click of the Tray

«Foirée montréalaise 2018»: dans la chaleureuse clique du Plateau

Photo: Urbi et Orbi
François Parenteau in “messed up montreal 2018”

After the trial of the inaugural edition, messed up montreal seems to have found its niche, defined their identity. Somewhere between a vigil of the Feasts, and a ” well-cooked “, the festive evening celebrated the humor in the forces and through a montreal borough. A formula now well established, that rubs this time to his own corner : the Plateau Mont-Royal.

And the Tray, it is necessary to go to the evidence, is no longer just a neighborhood. The shire of Luc Ferrandez has become a symbol. Model for some, a foil for the other, it crystallizes the political divisions and cultural that has swept the province of Quebec. Through anecdotes-like tales, messed up montreal 2018 painted the portrait of this place much more contrasting than its detractors will admit, confirming a few shots, beating other. Of course, the choke points are waiting for you : gentrification, high concentration of artists per square metre… The Plateau houses many art institutions, as pointed out by the striking narrative autofictif of Fabien Dupuis, saved from delinquency by a hearing at the national theatre School.

But the show borrows accents historic. Here, it evokes the epic struggle of the inhabitants of the ghetto McGill against greedy developers, which has launched the movement of co-ops. There, it is a tribute to the Portuguese community. Great opportunity for Geneviève Labelle to sing a rousing fado. The musical offerings are diverse, between the fun Christmas beige François Parenteau, the compositions of Brigitte Saint-Aubin or a Hallelujah collective rigodon.

Messed up also plays daring by tackling head-on the stereotypes. The number on the” invasion ” of French residents tests the limits of tolerance by going first great blow of provocative generalizations, that an artist seems to embrace. The fiction is less obvious than it was in the edition of last year, where a conflict theatre laid bare the theme of racism in Montreal-North. And even if Tatiana Zinga Botao then take a different approach to photographing in this kind of dialectic discussion, it has created discomfort and caused the reaction of a viewer born in The Hexagon. Perhaps this is the goal sought by this show, which does a lot to reduce the distance scene-room, appealing to often the public. Remains that it is a bit curious, in a festive atmosphere otherwise if user-friendly.

This is, however, not enough to break the party. And the second part provided a few numbers touching on the inhabitants neglected the neighborhood. Although longuet to start, the story of Eugénie Beaudry becomes a beautiful Christmas story featuring a roving. And as a grand finale, the tribute to a wonderful waitress that orchestra Marcel Pomerlo turns into a brilliant ode choir in the universe of Michel Tremblay. A work, a landmark which will remain linked to the Tea, long after we have ceased to talk of queues at a restaurant in fashion, or one-way streets…

Messed up montreal 2018

Texts : Brigitte Saint-Aubin, Eugénie Beaudry, Fabien Dupuis, François Parenteau, Genevieve Labelle, Melody Christmas Rousseau, Marcel Pomerlo, Julie-Anne Ranger-Beauregard and Tatiana Zinga Botao. Directed by : Martin Desgagné. Animation : Pascal Contamine. Production : Théâtre Urbi et Orbi. To The Unicorn, until 21 December.

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