New hostile communications between Washington and Beijing at the WTO

Nouveaux échanges hostiles entre Washington et Pékin à l'OMC

Photo: Fabrice Coffrini Agence France-Presse
Washington decries the approach of the WTO against the “threats” of china.

The United States and China have again crossed the iron on Wednesday at the world trade Organization (WTO), Washington accusing Beijing of believe they were untouchable, despite numerous violations of trade rules.

The exchange of amiability between the world’s two biggest economies took place during the last session of the audit of the us trade policy, a review which is to undergo periodically the 164 members of the WTO.

On Monday, China had criticized the United States to have renounced their role of leading the global economy by imposing tariffs and restrictions intended to do harm to others for the sole benefit of the Americans.

The u.s. ambassador to the WTO, Dennis Shea, ironisé Wednesday about the argument that Washington should remain passive in the face of the threats of the chinese. “Let go of the jargon, this is what the argument Beijing : China will impose technology transfers, and steal them purely and simply when it deems it good […] China will flood our markets with its products cheap, proclaiming that all is well since our customers pay a little less, he said. If the United States is preparing to respond, they are abusing their power and act irresponsibly. Rather, we should resign ourselves to heal the wounds inflicted on our citizens. This is not acceptable. “

A representative of China to the WTO, Hu Yingzhi, said that his country will not be used as “scapegoat” in an America anxious about the trade, according to an official present at the meeting in Geneva.

Lively discussion

The director of the external relations Division of the WTO, Willy Alfaro, described as” lively ” debate during the two days spent on the audit of the United States.

The government of us president, Donald Trump, criticizes the WTO not to respond to the threats posed, according to him, the Chinese, and let Beijing defy with impunity the global trade rules based on the market.

The major economic powers were taken Monday in the United States, accusing Washington of protecting his personal interests at the expense of his leadership role. The european Union has provided support to some U.s. efforts to counter China in the WTO. But the EU ambassador, Marc Vanheukelen, had observed that ” the multilateral trading system goes through a deep crisis and [that] the United States is the epicenter for a number of reasons.” Canada and Japan had joined in the fray, denouncing the taxes imposed by president Trump on steel and aluminum.

Fundamental principles

Dennis Shea was repeated on Monday that Washington would continue to demand reforms, but stressed that without action to oppose China, the importance of the WTO will be reduced. “We need to recognize that the WTO [the United States] have helped to create and the WTO that we want, is not, on essential points, of the WTO that we have today,” said Mr. Shea. The WTO must recognize that the conduct of China is contrary to the fundamental principles of this organization. “

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