“Of balls, books and hats” and “Its prayer”: a dialogue with its paradoxes

«Of balls, books and hats» et «Sa prière»: dialoguer avec ses paradoxes

Photo: Christophe Louergli
The young choreographer Malika Djardi to book through a solo on the religious faith and what it involves as part of intimacy.

If it is something very simple to draw performances for the opening of Actoral, it is that the human being cannot be reduced to pure rationality, and can only boast of not obeying any belief. As demonstrated by Julien Prévieux in Of balls, books and hats, this is the problem faced by machines with artificial intelligence when they try to replicate human behaviour and capture their essence.

In this piece, humour geek, the French artist delivers an effective critique of the “smartification” of the world. Inspired by the process of machine learning, the quartet has fun aping the robots, themselves, imitate the human. It is first issue of the art of negotiation and manipulation, as well as the talent to generate the confusion to shoot better than the other.

Mixing the word to the movement, the performers underline the character still silly of the machine both in its relationship to space and his encounter with the human intelligence. The lack of an address of the robots translates to a series of feats and sports events to the constraints of the gestural incongruent : approaches heavy, jumps in with both feet, trampling, inflexibility of some members and a body that is fit and face against a wall repeatedly.

The writing is scenic and set design minimum unfold ingeniously around these games of skill, which shows learning rote by repetition of trial and error. We laugh at the inability of the machine to grasp and reproduce with authenticity, humor, and the fact that it generates despite her clumsiness. Comments voice-overs between the sections support the about and the issues that were brought by the performers in the scene.

You get out of it personally with these questions in mind : is it necessary to be wary of that report to the world debunked carried by the advent of artificial intelligence ? What places will be left to the spirituality and emotionality in a world where we have so much to answer machines ?

Of faith and dance

In His prayer, the young choreographer Malika Djardi to book through a solo on the religious faith and what it involves as part of intimacy. It focuses on the rituals and prayers punctuating the daily life of his mother practicing muslims. On fragments of interviews where his mother testifies of his encounter with the religion, his conversion, and his relationship to prayer, to love, to the father and to the lack, the dancer creates a vocabulary oscillating between moments of content and energy expenditure. She manages to illustrate this report with the invisible, with lightness, leaving glimpses of the personality and the authenticity of his mother in this approach, almost biographical, while also inventing its own codes of its ritual dance. A ritual deeply intimate, unfathomable, free from any dogma.

Biennial Actoral

“Of balls, books and hats”, a creation of Julien Prévieux with Jonathan Drillet, Harold Hemming, Anne Steffens and Julia Perazzini / “His Prayer”, a creation of, and with Malika Djardi

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