“Our ghettos”: good intentions, but a malaise deep

«Nos ghettos»: de bonnes intentions, mais un malaise profond

Photo: Patrice Lamoureux

In this “odyssey of the meeting impossible,” a man said in front of what he sees as the lie of living together.

Actor, improviser, poet, and even humorist (it belongs to the Zapartistes since 2011), J-F Nadeau doesn’t care about categories. In the line of Tungsten of bile, a show performed in 2015 at the age of 16 poems, written to be said “, the creator offers these days a new journey, poetic and political, social and musical, object, atypical, entitled Our ghettos.

In this show created last summer on the occasion of the Festival TransAmériques, Nadeau found his accomplice, Stéfan Boucher. In addition to covering the evening of his tunes and even the punctuate of songs of his own, the musician embodies a few characters, starting with the consciousness of the hero. To the front of the stage, there is another musician, Olivier Landry-Gagnon — this is to tell you the importance of sound design, an essential aspect of the progression of a story hallucinated, a stroll agonizing between the house and the walk-in clinic.

It is also experience day-to-day surrealist of a father alarmed by repeated ear infections in her daughter, hoping to also find the ingredients necessary to the making of a grilled cheese, but is much more concerned by the relationship confusing he has with the inhabitants of what he calls ” the ghetto “. It is important to know that the character resides with his wife and two daughters at the corner of 2nd Avenue and the rue Belanger in Montreal, where there is an assembly of a culturally diverse, a cohabitation which is the alter ego of the author deplores the fact that it is ” all colors broken “.

In this “odyssey of the meeting impossible,” a man rebels against what he sees as the lie of living together. You could say all the good that we think of the language vivid and rich Nadeau, of the ease with which he offers his poetry. You could say the inventiveness of the device stage, a puppet stage haunted by a Doll ugly, evil figure, instinctive. You could also pack it for the songs cathartic Butcher. But all this seems far less important than expressing the malaise deeper than the show and its gallery of characters caricaturés cause.

In his account of his painful foray into ” the ghetto “, descent to the underworld in an area he would like to be more beautiful, more open, more united and more welcoming, of course, according to its own criteria, the Hero adopts a point of view full of good intentions, that of the dominant class, a bit condescending, not to say colonialist. Therefore, to the ideas that underlie the representation, it appears more crucial than ever to advise the spectator to keep a critical mind on full alert.

Our ghettos

Text : J-F Nadeau. Directed by : J-F Nadeau and Stéfan Boucher. Music : Stéfan Boucher and Olivier Landry-Gagnon. A co-production of the Bog and the Festival TransAmériques. At the salle Jean-Claude Germain of the Center of the Theatre from today until the 1st of December.

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