Pascal Bérubé believes that Maxime Comtois is a victim of racism antifrancophone

Pascal Bérubé estime que Maxime Comtois est victime de racisme antifrancophone

Photo: Darryl Dyck, The Press canadiene
Maxime Comtois has been very severely criticized in the wake of his penalty shot missed in overtime.

The heart-breaking defeat to Team Canada in the quarter-finals of the world Championship of junior hockey should serve as a motivation, said the captain of the training.

“We must turn the page,” said Maxime Comtois, the only player who was part of the champion team of the tournament last year, after the 2-1 suffered in overtime against Finland on Wednesday night. “This experience will help us all individually in the long term. We need to take our responsibilities and turn the page. “

The canadian players have given everything they had, ” added Comtois.

Head coach Tim Hunter abounded in the same sense and assured that his players had played with intensity throughout the game against Finland. “We played good hockey, from one end to the other. But it simply has not turned in our favour “, he said.

As a result, Canada will not medal for the second time in four years. But this is only the second time in 21 years that Canada will not have the chance to play a meeting for one of them.

“We always want to win,” said Comtois, a hope of the Ducks of Anaheim. We now know what that tastes like defeat. They will not want to relive it next year, because they now know the bitter taste of defeat and will want to be prepared for each meeting next year. “

Barrage of criticism

Comtois has been very severely criticized in the wake of his penalty shot missed in overtime. Several of the comments centered on the tongue of Comtois. The skater of 19 years of Longueuil, quebec is a francophone.

The comments have since been locked on the account Instagram of the hockey player. The comments already issued were still visible Thursday morning.

The interim leader of the Parti québécois, Pascal Bérubé, said on Twitter that these insults were ” racism antifrancophone “.

One of the users wrote : “the captain of The canadian hockey team should not dive as a player Italian soccer and then offer a pathetic effort like that on a throw of punishment in overtime. “

After the barrage of criticism, many users have posted messages of support for Comtois.

“He does not deserve all this hatred or anything negative, wrote one of them. This is a junior player, the name of god ! He did everything he could to represent HIS country. “

Head coach, Tim Hunter, has chosen to Comtois to carry out this penalty shot. The guardian Finnish Ukko-Pekka Luukkonen has stretched the leg right to block the low shot.

“I thought mark and I have not done it,” explained Comtois. I did my feint and I launched. This is not the first time that I don’t mark and it will not be my last. It hurts, but if I get another opportunity in the course of my career, I need to be ready, tap the bottom of me and mark. “

“We were a few guys we train for these situations, including me. It could be anyone within the club. I had confidence in my feint, but it did not work. “

In the afternoon, the agent Comtois, Allain Roy, president of Roy’s Sports Group, has responded by issuing a press release.

“Maxime Comtois is the ultimate example of an athlete at Hockey Canada, who has climbed the ranks to become a leader complete. No one is more proud to wear the maple leaf on his chest and the C on his sweater. These young men understand and accept the pressure related to their roles in the world of hockey. “

“It is shameful and incomprehensible that a few cowards who can hide behind social media to be able to launch attacks as vicious on the character of these young men after fighting proudly for their country. “

“We will make this sole statement on this matter, in order not to validate the comments shameful facts about social media. Mike wants that we take advantage of this as a learning moment for all young Canadians. Cyberbullying is a real problem, and, like all tyrants, we must all face them and name them as they are. Thank you for the light on a real problem in our society. “

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