“Pigiami”: madness in pajamas

«Pigiami»: folie en pyjama

Photo: Giorgio Sottile
One of the most meticulous, the other ue, and the draft, the characters are a couple who strongly reminds us of Soil and Cup.

It is time to go to bed, but the pleasure of inventing a thousand and one excuses to postpone the moment outweighs the sleep, that will have to wait at least the time of the show. Carried by an energy and a madness contagious, the duo made up of Lino (Pasquale Buonarota) and Sandro (Alessandro Pisci) transforms the bedroom into a games room full of all the possible in Pigiami (pyjamas, in Italian).

Ode to the imagination, this piècecréée by the Teatro dell’angolo — built since 2005 at the Fondazione Teatro Ragazzi e Giovani Onlus — offer until January 6 at the Maison Théâtre de Montréal a show clown, which celebrates the simplicity, the game and the humour in a round of the most spirited.

In a playful staging and, as we say, completely crazy, signed Nino D Introna and Giacomo Ravicchio, Lino and Sandro, eternal kids, operate all of the accessories in the decor, transforming them to give them a different dimension. A shirt becomes, under the eye of the attentive children, a snake ; ankle boots, a steam train ; an umbrella, a helicopter, and slippers, small cars led by the hands of the actors, and so on.

The all-changing with the moods, but especially of the activities invented by the boys, which recreate, in the end, the very nature of the small, their spontaneity, the fun of playing without constraint or limit. All around becomes a way to have fun. The zeal deployed by Buonarota and Pisci to complete this story, written by Graziano Melano, and filled with small tables all more earthy than the others, is breathtaking. Between dancing, fighting, pillows, somersaults and other antics, the duo, never out of breath, full of energy and seems to take a mischievous delight in entertaining the children.

For the pleasure of laughing

And they laughed, small. Without stopping, or almost, since the debut of Sandro until the finale, where the two actors, even when lying down, continue to tease, surprise and revive himself. All the exchanges between the characters were able to capture the interest of children, but some scenes have echoes of the bursts more powerful, including the one in which the duo decides to play the mom. French colorful of the Italian accent of the actors mixes with tones as acute as they strive to walk like women and cuddle their little one. One of the most meticulous, the other ue, and the draft, the characters are a couple who strongly reminds us of Soil and Cup — not only by their force and their temper, but also because of the outrageousness that comes to life on stage.

If the decor initial is clean and tidy, the suite gives way to a radical change. Shots of objects flying through the scenery, of water poured on the head or on the bed of the other, moved furniture to give them new functions, baby powder thrown in here and there to disguise the smell of their feet, the stage on which they walk, of course with bare feet — becomes a playground without law, without rule, with the exception of the deployment of the imaginary, in which we want to jump. A beautiful moment.


Text : Nino D Introna, Graziano Melano and Giacomo Ravicchio. Staging : Nino D Introna and Giacomo Ravicchio. Performers : Pasquale Buonarota and Alessandro Pisci. A production of Fondazione Teatro Ragazzi E Giovani Onlus. Home Theatre, until January 6, 2019.

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