QS requests the government Legault to better frame the temporary work

QS demande au gouvernement Legault de mieux encadrer le travail temporaire

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Foreign temporary workers may benefit from improved access to the French language, just like the unionization, according to the mp solidarity Alexandre Leduc.

Québec solidaire is asking the government Legault oversight of the temporary labour in the province.

The member for Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, Alexandre Leduc, said to have written to the provincial minister of Labour, Jean Boulet, on this subject.

The training policy states that coaching increased the temporary work is required in the context where the new government caquiste lowers the levels of immigration as early as next year and that it could appeal to more temporary foreign workers to alleviate the current shortage of labour, and this, in many economic sectors.

“These are people who don’t have a lot of rights and it is absolutely necessary to improve their situation,” says Mr. Leduc, in an interview with The canadian Press.

The mp solidarity demand a better supervision of employment agencies to allow a worker who occupies a temporary position in a company access to a regular position with the same employer.

Mr. Leduc also claims that a person may be recorded in the two agencies at the same time and in the same field of employment, and that the non-competition clauses in force in some agencies making it impossible to be abolished.

“You can imagine that the need is always present, so why put a person in a temporary way, and if a position opens, we can’t hire him because of a clause ? “, questions the elected.

Temporary foreign workers could also benefit from a better access to the French language, just like the unionization, argues Mr. Leduc.

He said to trust the minister Boulet for that to move forward, including working with his colleagues in the cabinet, including the minister of Immigration, Simon Jolin-Barrette.

“If they want to respond to the shortage of manpower by this path, they need to be consistent and they need to extend the rights of these people “, concludes the elected.

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