Quarrel of charges between Montreal and the SQI

Querelle de taxes entre Montréal et la SQI

Photo: Annik MH de Carufel Le Devoir

The City of Montreal refuses to pay the 3 million that the superior Court ordered him to pay to the Société québécoise des infrastructures (SQI) as a reimbursement for a parking fee. It will apply to the Court of appeal to avoid this invoice salt.

Since 2010, Montreal imposes a tax on parking from the city centre. As buildings belonging to government companies are exempt from any municipal tax, the City of Montreal has rather claimed of the payments in lieu of taxes to the SQI for the parking of six buildings in the city centre who belong to him.

The SQI has paid the sums claimed “by mistake”, before realizing that she would not have had to do this since it is a tax on the parking. At least that is what she has argued before the superior Court demanding repayment of $ 3 million for the period from 2012 to 2017. The tribunal gave him reason on 5 November last.

The City does not agree with the verdict and argued that it contains several errors of law. It is estimated that, under the Law on cities and towns, the government is committed to pay in places of taxes that apply to all types of taxes.

At the meeting of the executive committee, held behind closed doors Wednesday, the elect, therefore, have given the green light by the legal affairs Department of the City so that he bears the judgment on appeal.

Nasty surprise on a construction site

In another dispute with a State company, Montreal accuses Hydro-Québec of having omitted to tell him that electrical equipment underground were in the path of a water pipe that she planned to build.

In August 2015, the City has awarded a contract of $ 12.4 million to a contractor to build a water pipe in the boroughs of Anjou and Saint-Léonard. When he began to dig, the contractor has discovered a massive underground electric to Hydro-Québec at the place where had to pass the driving. Gold, argues the City, Hydro-Québec was never advised of the presence of such equipment.

The site has been suspended, and new plans had to be made to change the trajectory of the pipe. This unforeseen event resulted in additional costs of 224 837 $ for the City. Notice, Hydro-Québec has denied any responsibility, specifies the documents that was provided to the elected officials of the legal affairs Department of the City.

Montreal has therefore decided to apply to the courts for a claim against Hydro-Québec the amount of the additional costs she had to pay.

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