Quebec and Montreal to challenge the modernization of rue Notre-Dame in the program

Québec et Montréal remettent la modernisation de la rue Notre-Dame au programme

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The mayor of Montréal, Valérie Plante

The government of Quebec and the City of Montreal resuscitate the project of modernization of rue Notre-Dame, after more than four decades of procrastination. In the framework of a revitalization plan for the east of Montreal, the minister responsible for the Metropolis, Chantal Rouleau, the mayor Valerie Plant, announced Friday the creation of a project office to redevelop this artery.

Repeatedly announced, the project of the rue Notre-Dame had been tabletté in 2010 after its cost had ballooned from $ 750 million to $ 1.5 billion.

The Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ) was a result of the development of the east of the metropolis is a priority in election campaign. “We handle finally and very seriously in the east of Montreal,” said the minister, Roller, Friday, during a press conference in the company of the mayor Plant.

The partners say they will do, of the rue Notre-Dame an ” urban boulevard and modern “, the Jacques-Cartier bridge to the tip of the island, with a unique layout for the port of Montreal.

Chantal Rouleau said the government wanted to reduce congestion and pollution, in a project that would include an efficient transportation system, such as a tram. The regional Authority of metropolitan transport (ARTM) is already working on this project, she said.

The costs of the project as well as the timing of the realization, however, remain unknown. The minister ensures that these elements will be unveiled in the coming months. “It’s been 40 years that we talk about it, she recalled. There is a lot of work that has been done. There had been a consensus that had been established to make it an urban boulevard. It was stopped there. We take this work. One does not start again at all. “


The redevelopment of the rue Notre-Dame is part of a wider plan aimed at revitalizing the east end of Montreal over the next few years.

In an electoral campaign, François Legault had promised that, if he was put in power, his government would invest 2.6 billion by 2030 to achieve this. It also provided for an amount of $ 200 million to decontaminate the land in this part of the island.

Several transport projects are already underway, such as the extension of the blue line of the metro and the BRT on Pie-IX. The water shuttle between Pointe-aux-Trembles and the city centre could add to the list.

The minister Roll and the mayor Plant have signed a joint declaration to formalize their collaboration for the revitalization of the East, but the gesture remains ” symbolic “, they recognized.

This announcement comes, however, two days of the by-election which will be held Sunday at the town hall of the borough of Rivière-des-Prairies–Pointe-aux-Trembles and in the district of Saint-Michel. But according to Chantal Rouleau, the announcement for the Is has nothing to do with the ballot on Sunday. “In the first 100 days, it is necessary to deliver the goods,” she said, saying that it was the only date before Christmas that allowed that she and Valerie Plant may be present.

The leader of the opposition, Lionel Perez, welcomed the announcement. It was, however, criticized the mayor for having participated in an event likely to promote its candidate to the mayor of RDP-PAT, Caroline Bourgeois. “There was no emergency to do so, and that most of the elements of the statement today had already been the subject of pre-announcement. As it did a few days ago with the redevelopment of the boulevard Gouin est, the mayor Plant tries to take advantage of ad policies affecting the east of the island in a purpose election “, said Mr. Perez by issuing a press release.

Sunday’s election in RDP-PAT oppose the candidate of projet Montréal and former director of office of Chantal Rouleau, Caroline Bourgeois, Manuel Guedes, All-Montreal.

In Saint-Michel, Nadine Raymond, of Project Montréal, is facing Josue Corvil, All Montreal.

The rue Notre-Dame in five dates

1972 Launch of the construction of the transformation of the Notre-Dame street in highway. The transaction results in the demolition of more than 1200 housing units before being halted six years later.

2000 Presentation of a new highway project hosted by the ministry of Transport of Quebec. The proposal is rejected two years later by the Office of public hearings on the environment, which advocates the development of an urban boulevard.

2005 Unveiling of a draft of a ” double feature “, mid-way between the highway and the urban boulevard. This concept foresees the use of traffic lights which will be green constantly during peak hours.

2010 draft of the boulevard hybrid is placed between parentheses after the estimated cost rose from $ 750 million to over 1.5 billion.

2018 Creation of an office for the modernization of rue Notre-Dame by the government of Quebec.

Dave Christmas

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