Quebec politics: our five articles are the most read of 2018

Politique québécoise: nos cinq articles les plus lus de 2018

Photo: Jacques Boissinot The canadian Press
On the political scene, it is the arrival in power of François Legault and the CAQ which has marked the year 2018 in Quebec.

This is, without a doubt, the arrival to power of François Legault and the CAQ, after fifteen years of reign were almost exclusively liberal, who scored 2018, the year of elections in Quebec. But the promises of the various political parties have also attracted the attention of the readers of the Duty. List.

5th position : Your neighbors have voted as you ?

Based on the data of the Director general of elections of Quebec (DGEQ), The Duty has created an interactive map to see who voted for who in each polling station in Quebec — or almost. And allows to see the wave of pale blue that swept over many sections of vote.

4th position : the promises of The parties are they financially feasible ?

If each party fulfilled his campaign promises, in what state would the government’s finances at the end of the next mandate ? It is to answer this question the team of the Duty was put to the test the commitments of each camp in an interactive visualization.

3rd position : Couillard wants a referendum on the voting system

During the election campaign, while the heads of all the other major parties agreed on the need for a reform of the voting system, the liberal leader Philippe Couillard is firmly planted in the opposing camp, in the interview editorial in the Duty, saying to even be ready to defend his position in a referendum campaign.

2nd position : A first veiled woman took the plunge into politics in Quebec

In 2018, for the first time, a veiled woman, Eve, Torres, was presented to the québec elections. The filing of his candidacy for the nomination of QS in Mont-Royal–Outremont, in April, gave a foretaste of the debates that have animated the summer and fall of policies in Quebec.

1st position : The LIBERALS in decline in new poll

On 11 September, a few days before the first leaders ‘ debate, a survey Light directed to The Duty and The Gazette lifted the veil on a trend that ultimately proved crucial on the 1st of October : the LIBERALS retreated. The stroke of the probe also revealed a slight decline in the CAQ. Like what the polls do not always completely right…

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