Quebec wants an education pack for each child

Québec veut un dossier éducatif pour chaque enfant

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The association québécoise des CPE welcomes the willingness of the government caquiste to establish an observation most assiduous learning of the children.

The minister of the Family, Mathieu Lacombe, wants to strengthen the monitoring of toddlers in the educational services to the child, asking educators to note more regularly their observations on the learning of their mentees.

He submitted a draft of the regulations binding the centres de la petite enfance (CPE), child care in the family environment as well as the childcare facilities grant-aided private to perform a “portrait of the development” of each child, and this, ” twice a year “.

“The goal is to ensure that there is an observation more assiduous learning of the children, then the program is of better quality,” says Lacombe in an interview with The Duty.

Describing the evolution of the child, the education package of the child ” is signed and dated by the person who is complete and should be forwarded to the parent of the child on specific dates “. The service of custody ” must make available to the parent requesting a meeting “, can we also read in the draft rules.

The screening and support of children with development problems will be for sure the facilities, is convinced Mr. Lacombe. “You can’t force someone to track because, in some cases, it may be more difficult, but what we can give as an obligation, it is recorded, make a note of the learning of small children and their development, so that when there is a problem, and then someone throws the red flag, saying : “We need help to provide services to this child”, one is able to see how it developed “, he explains.

By doing this, the minister wants to clarify, by regulation, “the essential elements of the educational program to be applied” in childcare services. “At this time, there is a requirement to have an educational program, but the settings are pretty… elastic “, said Mr. Lacombe.

The new minister, “modify” and “adapt” the Strategy on educational services for children aged 0 to 8 years of age developed by the former government in order to “bring [the] color” of the Coalition avenir Québec. That said, Mr. Lacombe said that he “didn’t come with a bulldozer,” the ministry of the Family, in order to ” bring to earth all that has been done.” “There are good things in this strategy is there,” says he, stating that the review of the Strategy was expected after the adoption of bill 143 by the national Assembly last June.

The association québécoise des CPE (AQCPE) welcomes the willingness of the government caquiste to establish an observation most assiduous learning of the children. “Already we see that the circles which have this type of practices have more facility to look at the needs of the child and to work in collaboration with families, stresses the director general of the AQCPE, Geneviève Bélisle. It would be important that all services — early childhood, health, academic — working together to improve and enhance the support offered to children and families, ” she continued.

The Federation of health and social services, which represents more than 10,000 workers in more than 360 CS, welcomes not without reservation the draft regulation prepared by the minister Mathieu Lacombe. “[It] does not take into account the overload of work and workers “, she deplored by way of a press release on Monday.

Scenarios of return to a single rate

On the other hand, Mathieu Lacombe is studying on different “scenarios” back — in four years — at the rate of sole custody in the CPE, subsidized daycare and child care in the family environment. “Is it down for everyone to one-quarter [each year] for four years ? Is it eliminates it completely, straight away, a certain portion of the parents, and then it waits for other parents ? ” asks the minister, in referring to a number of options.

The answer will appear in the Budget 2019-2020, which will be presented by the minister of Finance, Eric Girard, likely in march next year. “We sent a first clear signal with the economic update “, said Mr. Lacombe.

In effect, the government has frozen the additional contribution of $ 0.70 and $ 13,90 $ per day required parents win a family net income exceeding 52 220 $. Only the basic contribution — which will amount to $ 8.25 per day from 1 January — is likely to persist in four years.

The ministry of the Family adjusts as well as programmes of financial support aimed at fostering the participation of parents in the course of their children. They want to “give tools to parents so that they can become more involved in their children’s success because, in some circles, there are challenges,” said Mr. Lacombe. We speak of culture. We speak of socio-economic backgrounds. “

13 000 places ghosts ?

Mathieu Lacombe is said to have found on his arrival at the ministry of the Family and not least of 13 000 new places were announced by the former government without, however, be created by the following. “We took beautiful photos, but these places-there were never rendered in CPE and daycares. During this time, there are smaller, Quebec, a small Quebec who are waiting, “he said, promising in the same breath of” clean in there “.

He is not obliged to keep intact the current distribution of the approximately 303 000 places under licence, representing 31.5 % in PBS, 30.2% in a family setting, 15.5% in private day care centers subsidized and 22.7 % in private day care centers non-subsidized. He will work to ” meet the needs of places that are more precise “.

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