Quebecers consume more and more energy, according to a study

Les Québécois consomment de plus en plus d’énergie, selon une étude

Photo: Jacques Nadeau Le Devoir
According to a report, the car that lead Quebecers consume more and more gasoline.

François Legault may say that it rejects the oil “dirty” of the canadian West for the benefit of the hydroelectricity, but new data indicate that Quebecers are consuming record quantities of gasoline and continue to buy more trucks and larger homes.

According to the report published by the Chair of management of the energy sector at HEC Montreal, the Québécois are widely perceived throughout the country as being environmentally conscious, but per capita, they are among the biggest consumers of energy on the planet.

The prime minister of Québec has recently raised the ire of the Canadian West, when he recalled to reporters that there was “no social acceptability” in his province for a pipeline of “dirty energy” from Alberta.

His remarks have earned him reprimands from experts and politicians of the west, including the first minister of Alberta, Rachel Notley, who has asked Mr. Legault to ” get off his high horse “.

Professor Pierre-Olivier Pineau, a co-author of the report entitled the” State of energy in Quebec, 2019 “, has acknowledged that the critics have a reason to raise the contradiction between some of the positions adopted by the province and the consumption habits of its population.

“Yes, there is a certain degree of hypocrisy in all humans, and of course, as regards some of the positions that the Québécois take [on energy], there is a certain hypocrisy that is present,” said Mr. Pineau.

Quebecers, however, have something to show off in terms of green lifestyle, clarifies the expert.

Carbon emissions per capita in Québec are the lowest in Canada, reveals Mr. Pineau, and the province has managed to reduce its overall emissions by 11% since 1990.

But this success is less due to the personal choices that, in the circumstances, explains the researcher.

“There are two essential causes : the first is that 100 % of the electricity is from renewable sources. In addition, there is a province less rich. As Quebecers are less affluent, they have fewer cars, have houses less substantial and, therefore, they consume less energy, ” he argued.

But the cars that lead Quebecers consume more and more gas, says its report.

Sales of fuel-inefficient vehicles like trucks, SUVS and vans have increased by 246 % between 1990 and 2017 in Quebec, while gasoline sales jumped 33 % over the same period. Every year since 2015, these types of vehicles dominate the other in terms of sales.

“Among the 3.7 million Quebecers who were employed in 2016 and moved around every day of the week to go to work, 78 % reported using mainly a private vehicle “, according to data from the Institut de la statistique du Québec, quoted in the report.

The report also shows that between 1990 and 2016, the average size of a home in the province has increased by 17 %.

More, per capita, canadians consume a lot more energy than the world average, more than the citizens of countries like China and Germany, and almost as much as the United States.

And although the report of Mr. Pineau suggests that Quebec should boast a little less of their under environmental, he comes correct another popular line of attack against the province.

In response to comments on the oil “dirty” of François Legault, the comments in the media and social networks have pointed out the hypocrisy of the Quebec prefer the foreign oil from countries that violate human rights.

The report, however, indicates that, in June 2018, 94 % of the oil consumed in Quebec came from the United States or Canada.

Since 2015, the reversal of pipeline 9B Enbridge has ensured that 53 % of the oil consumed in Quebec comes from Western canada, compared to approximately 10 % in 2014.

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