Remote parity at work

Lointaine parité au travail

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The wage gap is still nearly 51%.

The inequality of wages between men and women are slightly reduced this year relative to the year 2017, but it will still take over 200 years to achieve parity in the world of work, revealed Tuesday that a report by the world economic Forum (WEF).

The study, which covers 149 countries, shows improvements in terms of wages compared to last year, when the gender gap had widened for the first time since 10 years. The representation of women in politics, by contrast, is in decline, just as their access to health and education, according to the report.

At the current rate, inequality between men and women, in most areas, will not be eliminated until at least 108 years. And it will take 202 years to reduce the gap in the work, highlights the GEF. The annual report on gender equality examines the situation in four areas : education, health, politics and the world of work.

In the world of work, there has been progress, but not so extraordinary as the gender pay gap is still around 51 %. And the share of women in management positions has risen to 34 % in the world.

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