Roberval going to the CAQ

Roberval passe à la CAQ

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The voters of Roberval have strongly supported Nancy Guillemette, who sought his votes under the banner of the Coalition avenir Québec, on Monday.

The prime minister François Legault has passed his first electoral test since the elections of 1st October by pulling, on Monday, the riding of Roberval in the Quebec liberal Party.

The voters of Roberval have strongly supported Nancy Guillemette, who sought his votes under the banner of the Coalition avenir Québec, on Monday.

A by-election was necessary due to the resignation of the former prime minister, Philippe Couillard, less than 10 days after the defeat of the liberal Party of Quebec in the general election of 1st October. Mr. Legault could call to ballot the voters of Roberval at any time by April 2019. He was betting to do less of a less and a half after the general elections. Successful bet. The CAQ was getting more than 50 % of the votes at the time these lines were written, compared to 24.2 % on the 1st of October last.

As they have done in September 2012 and in April 2014, the voters of Roberval supported, on Monday, the political party in power. “The lake is blue… blue CAQ !” welcomed Mr. Legault less than an hour after the polls close. He called for the “welcome to the change team” to Mrs. Guillemette. “Thanks to this victory, we now have 75 members of the CAQ ! Not bad for a new party “, he added before supporters gathered at hotel Chateau Roberval, Monday evening.

Mr. Couillard, a ” blueberry white “, was re-elected on 1 October, with the support of 42.5 per cent of the population. He got about 5000 votes more than the candidate caquiste, Denise Trudel (24.2 per cent). But the liberal candidate William Laroche has failed to retain the riding of Roberval in the bosom of the QLP, in spite of support, filmed, Mr. Couillard in recent days. Laroche finished the race in third place.

“One of the arguments that were very present in this campaign, [it is] : “We want to be on the side of power”. It is clear what the voters have chosen, ” said the interim leader of the PLQ, Pierre Arcand, Radio-Canada, on Monday night.

The liberal Party is wiped off the map of the Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean. The Parti québécois, to him, is stationed in the riding of Jonquière. The CAQ holds four of the five boroughs.

The candidate of the parti québecois, Thomas Gaudreault, who sought his vote for the second time in two and a half months, went from third to second rank. Its support, however, diminished slightly since the election on 1 October.

The parliamentary chief of the Parti québécois, Pascal Bérubé, has reacted to the results on Twitter. He congratulated the candidate of the party for its ” campaign courageous in Roberval “, the candidates of other parties, but also Nancy Guillemette for his election as the ” first woman […] member of the history of the riding of #Roberval “.

The candidate in solidarity, Luc-Antoine Cauchon, was able to convince about 11 % of the electorate to vote for QS. He finished, as the 1st of October, in the fourth rank.

In the Face of a rate of participation that Manon Massé described as low, the co-spokesperson of Québec solidaire, has reacted Monday night in a statement: “we can understand that if shortly after the election campaign in general, people show a disinterest in politics. François Legault has chosen to take advantage of a momentum which was in favor at the expense of a climate conducive to a better participation.”

This is 34,51 % of the voters who have exercised their right to vote.

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