“Shopping center”: the nerve centre

«Centre d’achats»: centre nerveux

Photo: Valérie Remise
Seven women also distraught that endearing, at the edge of the nervous breakdown, subject to the imperatives of sexual and societal, choke.

Since the creation of his first piece, The wind between the teeth, the one that was revealed in 2007, Emmanuelle Jimenez has responded to various commands, among others, the NTE; she has written a few texts in tandem, in particular with François Archambault. This is surely his mordant humor, his accuracy of observation, his portraits acidic, but always empathetic, which has led straight to the Theatre of the High Tide and its artistic director, Michel-Maxime Legault, who brings to the stage these days-his most recent play, a septet titled shopping Centre.

These are the seven women also distraught that endearing, at the edge of the nervous breakdown, subject to the imperatives of sexual and societal, choke, characters, Pedro Almodovar and Michel Tremblay will not be denied by certainly not. In their theatrics, choir concerns intimate resonance to the collective, duos which expresses their desire to taste the happiness, they express their alienation toward a society based on overconsumption and appearances. In search of an object or a garment that would give a meaning to their life, they are also in search of a sense of belonging, of company to cheat the solitude, a being that would help them to get out of the maze.

You will understand, these women gather at the temple, their place of worship, at once refuge and prison, eldorado, and mirage : the shopping centre, in all its glory. There are in their seventies, Simone (Marie-Ginette Guay), and his girlfriend Yvette (Danielle Proulx), in their fifties, Josiane (Marie Charlebois) and his sister Suzanne (Anne Casabonne), and then the forties, Sandrine (Madeleine Péloquin) and her sister Leah (Johanne Haberlin). Not to forget Julie-Josie (Tracy Marcelin), the daughter of Josiane, whose voice, a teenager, and discordant, made a lot of good. They all roam the maze of the shopping center, a landmark of our time, to escape reality, best cope with their existential anxieties. For some, it is cash the aging or the imminent death of a sister. For others, it is deny the depression, suppress anger, or even to extinguish the volcano of jealousy that threatens at any moment to erupt.

To accommodate the trade, quasi musical of these priestesses of shopping, women hairstyles, Denis Binet, and the clothes of Denis Gagnon make larger-than-life, Michel-Maxime Legault has chosen a place of pristine, white space, elevated, inspired greco-roman. It is not clear if this is the question that becomes redundant, or the staging, which is struggling to engage in new avenues, but it leaves the room by saying that the outcome is not to the height of the premise, the conclusion does not respond to the gravity of the situation with sufficient virulence.

Shopping Centre

Text : Emmanuelle Jimenez. Directed by : Michel-Maxime Legault. A co-production of the Theatre of the High Tide and the Center of the Theatre today. At the Centre of the Theatre from today until the 1st of December.

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