Sport: our five articles are the most read of 2018

Sport: nos cinq articles les plus lus de 2018

Photo: Valérian Mazataud The Duty
The French partisans, claironnant after the victory of their team, who defeated Croatia 4-2 in the final of the world Cup.

5th position: The end of the hostesses on the runway, but not on the streets

Liberty Media, the new owner of Formula 1, has put an end to an old tradition this year: the grid girls, these hosts indicating the position of each driver on the starting grid. They have been replaced by the grid kids, young drivers automobiles. However, if the grid girls have disappeared from the circuits automobiles, they are always present at the activities organized on the sidelines of the event, as noted by our reporter Karl Rettino-Parazelli at the Grand Prix of Canada.

4th place: Montreal euphoric after the victory of the Blue

On July 15, 2018, the team of France wins the world Cup of soccer against Croatia with a score of 4-2. A sporting event in the history celebrated by the supporters of the Blues in Montreal, to the point of forcing the closure of the rue Saint-Denis between Mont-Royal avenue and Roy street.

3rd position: second star to the Blue

If France celebrated its second victory after that of 1998, the experts were almost all unanimous in saying that the Blues will not have dominated the competition. The final encounter against Croatia has given rise to great goals, but she also had moments of drama and other quite comical.

2nd position: More domestic violence during the world Cup

During the soccer world Cup, a prevention campaign has been launched in the Uk in order to prevent domestic violence. This campaign is in response to a study from the University of Lancaster, based on past world Cups, which indicates that cases of domestic violence increased 26 % when England won, and 38 % when she loses.

1st position: A quebec-based company in the heart of the olympic village in Pyeongchang

More than 10 000 bracelets, smart, the quebec-based company Connect and Go have been distributed in the olympic village during the Games to Pyeongchang. They make it possible to control the inputs and outputs of the accredited persons, or to pay without taking out his wallet. A first olympic experience to the company which already proposed its technology to the Super Bowl.

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