The Canadian defeated 2-1 by the Avalanche

Le Canadien défait 2-1 par l’Avalanche

Photo: David Zalubowski Associated Press

Players from Canada are up against the best trio in the NHL so far this season. Mikko Rantanen (16th) and Gabriel Landeskog (23rd) beat Carey Price, who has blocked 24 washers.

The Montreal canadiens finally managed to find the back of the net with the numerical advantage. It didn’t stop him to suffer a heart-breaking defeat on Wednesday night.

The Canadian has begun a crucial sequence of six away games in undergoing a defeat 2-1 at the hands of the Colorado Avalanche at the Pepsi Center.

After their dismal performance on Monday night against the Boston Bruins, the men of Claude Julien offered an effort a lot more convincing.

They are, however, confronted the best trio in the NHL so far this season. Mikko Rantanen (16th) and Gabriel Landeskog (23rd) beat Carey Price, who has blocked 24 washers.

Rantanen added a help and Nathan MacKinnon, another member of this prolific unit, has picked up two helpers.

“We needed to respond well and it was not a bad game. But it’s a game where we haven’t won two points. He must be disappointed and be ready to bounce back tomorrow, ” said Claude Julien, referring to the duel against the Coyotes in Arizona on Thursday night.

The Avalanche broke the tie at the beginning of the third when Landeskog beat a Price on his own return to launch, to the mouth of the net, despite the presence of Jonathan Drouin to his side.

Julian has called for a protest video to obstruction to the place of Price, but the Central review of the NHL ruled that the contact between Landeskog and Price had not prevented the custodian of the Canadian to defend his net.

After the game, Julien has not been shy to express his disapproval at the decision, but also his impotence in the face of the interpretation of the rules of the obstruction to the place of the guardians.

“First of all, it is 50-50. We do not know what is good and what is not. We see the same things, a game is not a goal, another match that account. It is difficult to understand, ” was first said Julien.

“All I know is that their player has hit our goalkeeper in the first, he added. If it had not hit, I can guarantee you that Carey would have locked the washer. If they want to watch the second collision with Drouin because it is stronger than the first, I’m really in disagreement. It is frustrating, but this is the situation we are in today in the national League. “

In addition, players from Canada have been unable to outwit the goalkeeper Philipp Grubauer, who had, however, an average goals allowed of 3.54 and an outage rate of ,874 in its last five outings.

Grubauer has faced 36 shots and did not give that in front of Brendan Gallagher (15th), in the first period.

Price in nice shape, and then…

Without being as bad as Monday against the Bruins, the beginning of the game, the Canadian was not among the more flamboyant. This has not prevented the formation of be the first to register the mark, in circumstances for which it was most accustomed to.

Less than a minute after a minor penalty to Nikita Zadorov for delaying the game, Gallagher has been deflecting a shot from Jeff Petry.

That goal has put an end to all kinds of sequences, including a dearth of 0 25 with the benefit of a man, since that Tomas Tatar had hit the target in the third period of the game on December 1st against the New York Rangers.

It was also the first goal of the Canadian to the Colorado 159 min 5 sec, either from Lars Eller at 6: 38 min of the second period of the match of 17 February 2016, and his first in 68 min 12 s, that is, since the last moments of the meeting on Saturday against the Ottawa Senators at the Bell Centre.

The rest of the period belonged to Price, who has shown himself alert and sharp. This was particularly the case in the face of Matt Calvert, that he was frustrated by what seemed to be a sure goal in the second minute of the game.

However, Price was the great responsible for the first goal of the Avalanche, signed up early in the second period.

If only the two best scorers in the NHL were not found on the ice, maybe the Canadian and the keeper would have been able to pull the chestnuts out of the fire.

By trying to send the puck to the backhand to Shea Weber, which was posted on his left, Price was first seen MacKinnon intercept his pass.

MacKinnon has identified Rantanen, which was being driven at high speed toward the net on the Canadian and he made a perfect pass to tie the game 1-1.

This was one of the four shots for the Avalanche to Price during the middle period, then, that the men of Claude Julien were testing Grubauer 14 times. Grubauer has been intractable, especially in the face of Kenny Agostino late in the second twenty.

In the Face of a drop goal, two penalties in the last 65 seconds of the match, including one for having too many players on the ice, dashed the last hopes of the Canadian force the extension.

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