The CSN press release the government Legault to maintain the levels of immigration

La CSN presse le gouvernement Legault de maintenir les seuils d’immigration

Photo: Jacques Nadeau Le Devoir
The CSN has set out its priorities for the year 2019 during a press conference in Montreal, Friday. Its president, Jacques Létourneau, warned that it would closely monitor the new government of the CAQ, which it denounces on some folders.

The Confederation of national trade unions (CSN) urges the government of François Legault to renounce to reduce the levels of immigration. The shortage of labour that is rampant in Quebec order instead of keeping the number of immigrants welcomed, writes the president of the central union, Jacques Létourneau.

Statistics Canada announced Friday morning that the unemployment rate amounted to 5.6 % in Canada in 2018, the lowest rate observed since decades. This finding is likely to appeal to trade unionists.

Then it was Friday morning, the priorities of the CSN for the new year, Jacques Létourneau was delighted with this statistics while sending a message to the government of the Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ).

“Obviously, this is a good news. […] But it poses challenges highly important “, he commented, citing the shortage of labour observed in Quebec in the last few months. “We know that the government Legault was elected to the lower thresholds of immigration. […] But in a context of shortage of labour, we think that we should do the opposite : open the borders and put in place the right conditions for integration to quebec society, and also in particular in employment. “

The CSN is, moreover, to organize a symposium dedicated to the issue of the shortage of manpower at the end of February. The other trade union organizations, employer associations and the minister of Labour, Employment and social Solidarity, Jean Boulet, have been invited, said Mr. Letourneau.

A few tiles

In 2019, the CSN will continue its campaign for a minimum wage of $ 15 an hour, but she is also concerned about jobs, “of quality” that are under threat. The eventual closure of Sico, Via Rail’s decision to reject the proposal of Bombardier for the renewal of part of its fleet and the difficulties of the shipyard Davie are issues of concern which the government must address, said Mr. Letourneau.

“Obviously, these are different cases and there is not a single solution that applies. When the headquarters of Sico moved to the United States for years, and that the decision shall be in Pittsburgh, it is a little difficult for the government to intervene “, he recognized. “By contrast, when the government announces tax credits for businesses, as the employers claimed to the top of your lungs for years, can we place conditions for businesses to reinvest in the business to renew the equipment and the training of the workforce ? “

The environment

The NSA has also identified the environment as one of its priorities to 2019. “Let’s say that up to now, there is nothing convincing in the way in which the CAQ manages the environmental record,” said Jacques Létourneau.

The CSN press the government to comply with the reduction targets of greenhouse gas emissions which had been set for 2020 and to promote the movement of transition toward a more energy green.

But Jacques Létourneau is not ready to condemn the drilling of 30 wells in the west to Gaspé in the framework of a project of oil exploitation business, which was that The Duty on Friday.

“It is a debate that is never simple in the trade union movement because that says drilling, oil, natural gas and dams, said creation of jobs,” he acknowledged. “And often, these are jobs, more pay than those in the commercial sector where people are paid minimum wage. Therefore, the balance of sustainable development is still an objective to maintain, but at a minimum, the principle of acceptability [must be made]. “

The year 2019 will also be marked by a number of negotiations since a hundred unions of the CNS will have to renew their collective agreements both in the manufacturing sector that in those communications, and retail. Two cases in particular will be in the cross hairs of the NSA, or the federal correctional officers and the deposit, at the fall of the trade union demands in the negotiations in the public sector.

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