The dangerous nature of talc confirmed

La dangerosité du talc confirmée

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Absorbed in the lungs, the talc can cause breathing difficulties, reduced lung function and fibrosis, according to the experts of the government.

Ottawa plans to restrict or even prohibit the use of talc in many products in free sale in Canada, believing that its use can, under certain forms, to be hazardous to the health of the population.

After you have studied the toxicity of the substance in collaboration with the federal ministry of the Environment, Health Canada has concluded on Wednesday that ” the inhalation of loose powders based talc and the use of some products containing talcum powder on genital area women can cause harm to human health “.

The danger mostly comes from the inhalation of fine particles of talc when it takes the form of a powder, used for example for babies, body, face, or feet. Absorbed in the lungs, the talc can cause breathing difficulties, reduced lung function and fibrosis, according to the experts of the government.

Some natural health products containing this substance would also be harmful when they are applied directly on the genitals of women, such as wipes, creams, powders, or antiperspirants. Several studies on humans have shown a correlation between this type of use, and the ovarian cancer, recalls, Health Canada.

Restrict the risks

Remember that talc is a mineral containing the three ingredients in primary, magnesium, silicon and oxygen. However, it can be naturally contaminated by asbestos “, recognized as responsible for a fatal cancer.

“The draft screening assessment does not suggest that the ingestion (for example, talc is present in food or medication), or exposure by the dermal route or by inhalation arising from the use of powders and compressed (for example, eyeshadows or cheek) pose a risk to human health “, by contrast, noted the scientists.

If the final assessment of departments confirms the dangerous nature of talc, the canadian government ensures that it will move forward to restrict the risks. He has to think of the measures to be put in place to restrict or prohibit its use in some forms. Canadians will be invited to share their comments and suggestions during the process. The consultation period will end on the 6th of February next.

For its part, Environment Canada has concluded that the talc is ” a substance of low concern on the ecological level “.

This is not the first time that the talc is the subject of such criticism. Already in 2012, Born and grow up in — a website and magazine on the development of children — than talc among the products which are not recommended for parents, ” because it can cause breathing problems “.

Earlier this year, the manufacturer of baby powder Johnson Johnson has been the subject of several lawsuits, including two class actions in Canada. It was alleged that the substance might have led to ovarian cancer in thousands of women who were using this powder for their hygiene genital.

In the United States, proceedings are finally concluded by the granting of compensations massive granted by juries. But the company continues to deny any responsibility.



A previous version of this article, which reported that the ore talc was composed of silicone, has been corrected.

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