The organising approach to QS

La syndicalisation approche à QS

Photo: Valérian Mazataud The Duty
The members of Québec solidaire, has welcomed the initiative.

The administrative Court is expected to decide in the coming weeks on the request for accreditation to the unionization of the staff of Québec solidaire.

The petition filed in mid-December by the CSN button, the forty employees of the parliamentary wing and constituency offices of the political party.

The members of Québec solidaire, has welcomed the initiative.

The member for Hochelaga, Alexandre Leduc, a spokesperson in the field of labour, social solidarity and justice, stresses that it is a constitutional right to unionize.

Recalling that he himself is a former trade unionist, Mr. Leduc said that he would be “well placed” to oppose the initiative, now that he is the ” boss “. He is looking forward to see how unionization is going to apply to the national Assembly, as it represents a technical challenge. He said he was assured, however, that compromise and solutions will be found.

It would be a first in Quebec. At the federal level, employees of the Parliament and constituency offices of the New democratic Party are unionized for the past ten years.

Quebec solidaire, which has been officially recognized as a parliamentary group, has for the next four years a budget of 1.6 million annually.

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