The QST will it serve as a culture?

La TVQ servira-t-elle la culture?

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As of January 1, 2019, the digital companies foreign, like Netflix or Spotify, will have to collect the QST on the intangible goods and services sold to Quebec.

If it was up to Nathalie Roy, the millions that the government will be introducing the collection of the QST on the products like Netflix should be used to finance the cultural sector in quebec. But it will have to do this to convince his colleague of the Finance.

“It is a good idea,” responded Tuesday, the minister of Culture when asked by The Duty. “But I don’t have the answer, I will have to discuss it with [minister Eric Girard]. I’ll submit the idea. “

As of January 1, 2019, the digital companies of foreign will be required to collect the QST rate of 9.975 %) on the intangible goods and services sold to Quebec. It is for the most part of companies offering cultural products — monthly subscriptions to Netflix or Spotify, for example. Following the will of Ottawa, the federal GST will not be perceived.

La TVQ servira-t-elle la culture?

The measure had been announced in the last budget, Leitão, and then integrated with the project of act 150 passed in June 2018. The Coalition for culture and the media — which brings together some forty organizations in the cultural sector — had welcomed the decision of Québec. But she had also requested ” that a portion of the amounts that will be collected from the 1st January 2019 to be reallocated to the culture and the media “.

According to the estimates of Quebec, the legislative change will bring about additional revenue of 113 million by 2023 — this is only for the sector of movies, music or magazines. This money will go into the consolidated revenue Fund of Québec, which finances all financial transactions of all departments.

La TVQ servira-t-elle la culture?

Asked about the possibility of restoring the cultural sector, the fruits of the QST that will be perceived in cultural consumption to digital, the office of the minister Girard responded : “We will not disclose what that might be or not be in the budget” for next spring.


Critical liberal in matters of culture, Isabelle Melançon, it considers that it would be very, very interesting ” that the government Legault chooses this path. “This would be a definite advantage, and it is a battle that the minister Roy could do with his colleagues economic,” she said.

The p.-d. g. of the Association québécoise de la production media (AQPM), Hélène Messier, think the same. “It would be normal that the amounts are reinvested for the production of québec content. The needs are great. “

But even if they are not, Ms. Messier believes that the struggle to convince the government to act in the face of the giants of the Web have been beneficial. “It was a matter of principle and fairness between the platforms canadian [such as Illico, which was to collect the QST] and foreign “, she says.

Cultural policy

Isabelle Melançon says it is also concerned about the ambiguity maintained by the government Legault regarding the maintaining in full of the cultural policy presented by the liberals six months ago — and with a funding of some $ 600 million. “The budget for 2018-2019 is there, and I’ll fight to keep the sub [for subsequent years] “, was reiterated by Nathalie Roy at Duty on Tuesday.

The minister said that she did not ” intend to put the garbage two years of work, [and consultation with the cultural community]. The policy is there and we are going to work with, but we will put our color and our flavor “.

Without details of what this could mean — in addition to the desire to “remove the slogan liberal, which is found on most pages” — it recalls two election commitments of the Coalition avenir Québec : ensure the two cultural outings per year for students and replenish the school libraries. One of the major thrusts of the policy is precisely to bring the culture of young people.

Isabelle Melançon is argued that “if the government is looking for money” to finance the cultural policy, “the proposal to go to look for the QST and send it into a fund for culture” is to be studied. “It would be a good move. “

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