The Royalmount sows the seeds of anxiety in the middle of the show

Le Royalmount sème l’inquiétude dans le milieu du spectacle

Photo: Carbonleo
The construction of the Royalmount not concerned about only the middle of the show, but also merchants in montreal.

The arrival of the project Royalmount, with its two performance halls totaling 4500 places, could have a devastating impact for the other cultural institutions of the metropolis, according to the president of the board of directors of the Quartier des spectacles Partnership, Jacques Primeau.

Before the committee on economic development Wednesday, Mr. Primeau recalled that the Royalmount, an entertainment centre that must see the light of day at the intersection of highways 15 and 40 in 2022, will have two rooms, a 3250-seat and the other of 1250 seats. Excluding the Bell Centre, in Montreal, and the Place Bell in Laval, the great hall of the Royalmount will become the one that will have the most seats in the metropolitan area.

The Observatory of culture has reported a stagnation in the sale of tickets over the last few years for the greater Montreal area, is approximately 3.5 million tickets per year since 2004, was recalled by Mr. Primeau. However, the opening of two new theatres may result in the sale of 1.5 million additional tickets, advance Mr. Primeau.

“We see a threat of cannibalization of a market that is limited,” he said. “If this project works and that attracts 1.5 million spectators, it’s going to be a disaster, not only for the rooms in the Quartier des spectacles, but for all rooms in the metropolitan area. “

The presentation shows more profitable in the Royalmount could also adversely affect the cultural diversity existing, he argued. “This balance can be broken easily. If you take away three, four musicals of the Place des Arts to bring in one of the rooms of the Royalmount, it is sure that this money will be less available to make shows more expensive and less profitable. This is a phenomenon that is very worrying. “

The documents submitted by Carbonleo do not mention the figure of 1.5 million tickets sold annually raised by Mr. Primeau. He also explained that he made these estimates based on the fact that to be cost effective, a room must be occupied for at least 250 nights.

On the 27th of November last, before the same commission, Claude Marcotte, senior vice president at Carbonleo, had clarified that the small room Royalmount was especially designed for the events market. He had pointed out the possibility of a partnership with Cirque du Soleil for the largest room.

Carbonleo did not want to comment on the presentation made by the representatives of the Quartier des spectacles.

A tax on parking ?

The construction of the Royalmount not concerned about only the middle of the show, but also merchants in montreal. The director-general of the Association of business development Corporations in Montreal (ASDCM) did not see how a complex of this magnitude — with 3.5 million square feet of commercial space, 200 shops, 100 restaurants, and 8,000 parking spaces — could have little impact for the merchants of montreal.

“A 5 or 6 % impact on the town centre, already fragile, this is huge. It should be taken into account “, she explained during the presentation of the memory of his association.

The ASDCM makes a number of recommendations, including the implementation of a compensatory tax on the parking of large shopping centres. The revenues so collected could be invested in economic development projects and for sustainable development of the commercial streets, suggests the association. The ASDCM also proposes the creation of a committee of work and reflection on the future of the city centre.

In the light of studies submitted last November, Carbonleo says that the impact of the Royalmount will be low for the commercial streets, is an erosion of sales of less than 5 %. Will the project affect more shopping centres, more particularly the Centre Rockland, Place Vertu and the Central Market, according to the promoter.

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