The United States criticized the world trade Organization

Les États-Unis critiqués à l’Organisation mondiale du commerce

Photo: Fabrice Coffrini Agence France-Presse
The WTO, which brings together 164 member states, is one of the many theatres of the commercial battle for supremacy between China and the United States.

The major economic powers have taken on Monday in the United States during a forum of the world trade Organization (WTO), during which Washington has been accused of protecting his personal interests at the expense of his leadership role.

Each WTO member must submit periodically to a review of its policy in commercial matters, but the audit of the United States has been especially heated, with several members denouncing the wave of the taxes imposed by Washington and other measures adopted by the government of Donald Trump.

Taking the first speech after the speech of the us representative, the ambassador of China to the WTO, Zhang Xiangchen, said that the United States were not honouring their obligations to the world’s largest economy. “A leader must act as such. It must not simply look at the narrow field of his personal interests, and it is certainly not to do everything he wants by sacrificing the other, ” said Mr. Zhang, from the quotes provided by a commercial manager based in Geneva, who attended the closed-door meeting.

Battle commercial

The WTO, which brings together 164 member states, is one of the many theatres of the commercial battle between the two economic giants. The government Trump complains to the WTO not to respond to the threats that poses, according to it, the Chinese, and let Beijing defy with impunity the global trade rules based on the market.

The u.s. ambassador to the WTO, Dennis Shea, reiterated that Washington would continue to demand reforms, but stressed that without action to oppose China, the importance of the WTO will be reduced. “We need to recognize that the WTO [the United States] have helped to create, and the WTO that we seek, is not, on essential points, of the WTO that we have today,” said Mr. Shea. The WTO must recognize that the conduct of the China is ” contrary to the fundamental principles of this organization “, he added.

The european Union has provided support to some U.s. efforts to counter China in the WTO. But the EU ambassador, Marc Vanheukelen, noted Monday that ” the multilateral trading system goes through a deep crisis and [that] the United States is the epicenter for a number of reasons.”

Canada and Japan joined in the fray, denouncing the taxes imposed by president Trump on steel and aluminum.

The u.s. ambassador also criticized the dispute settlement system of the WTO, sometimes referred to as the supreme Court of world trade. Mr. Shea has accused the judges of the organization to have an “activist approach” and of overstepping their mandate by ruling on matters that should be settled through negotiation. The United States blocked the appointment of new judges to the WTO, which could paralyze the functioning of this arbitration court by the end of 2019.

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