The upside of the limelight

L’envers des feux de la rampe

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The interviews Karine Ledoyen has performed with former dancers have represented the front door of this new creation. They have become an audio and visual material for the show, in addition to developing a narrative in resonance with the dancers on stage.

Posing the theme of human frailty at the heart of his creations, Karine Ledoyen strives to reveal the dimensions fallible of the dancing body. After having invited its parts, actors, and dancers, lovers, the choreographer of Quebec today seeks to capture the vulnerability that the dancers hide under the virtuosity.

“The dancers are trained to hide the flaws, but what touched me the most in their work, it is on the contrary when there are small things that don’t work and that they must adapt and reorganize themselves to deal with the unexpected,” says the choreographer. At the beginning of each project, so I try to find a new way to bring the fragility on stage. This is why I came to ask myself what would be the the most fragile a life of a dancer. “It is in the very hard to forgo the dancing as a profession that she has found the ultimate point of vulnerability, the background of which consists Of the glorious fragility.

Words and dramaturgies plural

Thus, there is a year and a half, the designer has embarked on a documentary work, approaching dancers who have ended their career and has collected a dozen hours of testimony. “I’ve done interviews with dancers of all kinds — ballet, contemporary, and even ballroom dancing — and of all generations ; people who have led careers and others who have not had this chance,” she says. I initially thought that I was going to have to address the grief, but my intention was not to reopen wounds. ”

According to her timeline, is rather a celebration of the dance, because even if they decided not to do their job, for all of its stakeholders, the dance remains beautiful and good present in their life in a different form of report : “As they witness to it, there is not only one way of dancing. They have left the scene, but not the dance. “

By layering video clips, snapshots, sound and text drawn from interviews, the designer was wanted to render the multiplicity of the points of view of the interviewees, and establish sets of resonance between the dance and the word fragmented range on stage : “The beauty lies in the diversity of voices and of their stamps, but also of the dancers on stage who each have their own way of moving and being. This is a show where sometimes the abstract becomes concrete, because the voice call that the dance evokes. “

The power of vulnerability

Show vulnerable is rarely seen with a good eye in our societies are subject to the injunction of the productivity and the performance. Even less so in the middle of the show, where the body virtuoso is magnified and where there is very little room for failure. In seeking to make it appear the fault, Karine Ledoyen key to a form of authenticity that still remains taboo : “there is a force which emanates from the vulnerability and it is necessary to glorify, to put it more in front. It is in those moments where you’re not at your maximum in life that there are forces that you didn’t have that support you and allow you to pass through trials. These forces, thou keep them for ever after, they accumulate. “

Even if it is centered on the word of the dancers, the message of the workpiece tends to exceed the framework of the dance. Giving to hear the voices of the forgotten stage, the designer wants to reach more broadly to the sacrifices and the loss that all of us live on a daily basis, whether in the sphere of work, love life or family. “The game of creation involves going sometimes in places where it does not tempt us still to go. I never thought of myself as much asked questions about my job during this process and I am placing myself in a position to be extremely fragile. This is the first time in my creative life that I’m wearing a material that does not come from me, and I want to honor the word of those who are delivered to me so generously, ” she says.

Of the glorious fragility

Creation of Karine Ledoyen (Danse K par K). With Elinor Fueter, Jason Martin, Simon Renaud and Ariane Voineau. Presented by Agora de la danse Building Wilder – Dance Space, 28 November to 1 December.

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