The year Legault

L’année Legault

Photo: Jacques Nadeau Le Devoir
François Legault would not have been able to dream of a better election result: with 37% of the vote, his party won 60% of the seats.

“Today, we made history. “François Legault is not the speaker the more flamboyant or lyric of Quebec. But the fact that it stated at the beginning of his victory speech, on the 1st of October, will remain the one that sums up best the meaning of the policy year in québec 2018. Which was, yes, historic. And totally caquiste.

No matter what the government Legault will do so by 2022, it will be able to claim a tour-de-force : that of having put an end to half a century, alternating liberal and parti québécois in power.

The approximately four million Quebecers who went to vote in October (with 66.4 %, this was one of the two lowest participation rate since 1927) have imposed on the political stage in the form of an earthquake whose effects will be felt for a long time. Back on a pivotal year, and this, for all parties involved.

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The triumph of the CAQ , François Legault would not have been able to dream of a better outcome : with 37 % of the vote, his party won 60 % of the seats (a disproportion that the reform promised in the mode of election should be prevented in the future).

Except in the west island of Montreal and in the eastern part of the province, the Coalition avenir Québec is present everywhere, and in force. Seven years after its foundation by the former minister in the pq, the CAQ has a solid majority to implement his agenda structured around three priorities classics : education, health and the economy.

This victory, Mr. Legault was obtained in spite of an election campaign are not always easy for him. His promise to reduce the levels of immigration to Quebec in order to try to better integrate the immigrants was not suffering from an excess of clarity and caused him considerable worry. But this was of no consequence.

Driven by an obvious desire to change on the part of Quebecers — and surrounded by a team that most observers felt to be the strongest — the leader of the CAQ has been able to keep ahead of all the polls in caring for her for a year.

It is therefore to be found today in the most envious of positions: – to the commands of the State and in front of the opposition parties decimated. Now all that remains is to realize the “change” promised. François Legault has made a rst step in this direction by appointing as many women as men in his Council of ministers.

The shock of the QLP With 24.8 per cent of the vote, the liberals recorded the worst election result in their history — and are now virtually confined to the districts most English-speaking Montreal. No surveys had predicted such a thrashing, that has brought the liberal caucus to thirty deputies.

The defeat has in particular led to the departure of the leader Philippe Couillard. In order to understand the foundations, the president of the party is currently conducting a tour where he promises that ” all stones will be returned “. But the site of delivery on foot may be long, you recognize.

The liberals had, however, a background of favorable : a good economic situation in Quebec and a budgetary surplus material (obtained in large part by two years of austerity imposed in the beginning of the mandate).

But this has not prevented the Quebec liberal Party to blow the title impalpable of the “party of the economy” by the CAQ and its leader man of affairs, who promised a ” government of contractors “. Mr. Legault has not ceased not to call Quebecers to end 15 years of rule by liberal, underscores the status of “old party” of the QLP.

The victory of François Legault has had another collateral effect on the balance sheet 2018 liberals : that of reducing the life expectancy of past announcements and promises made by the government Couillard. What will happen in the end ? Mystery. As said the queen : “annus horribilis “.

The erasure of the PQ Broken at the analysis of polls and political trends, Jean-François Lisée was probably under no illusions to the approach of the election of the 1st October. Distant third for a year, unable to take off the 20% mark of support, the Parti quebecois does not seem to be specifically designed for the power. Nevertheless, the blow has been severe, even violent.

With ten mps (worst result since 1973) and 17 % of the votes (the worst result since always), the PQ is now at the same level as Quebec solidaire. It is also without a leader — and, more widely, immersed in an existential crisis for the thick outlines.

Jean-François Lisée has conducted an election campaign to be a fighting (and based on a program judged to be fleshed out). But many will remember above all his astonishing attack against the solidarity Manon Massé, during the debate of the heads of VAT / tax : he wanted to know who was the real “boss” to Québec solidaire, and who was pulling ” the strings in the shadows.” Several pq members have not hidden their discomfort in front of this exit. The electorate, to him, had obviously not the same concerns.

The emergence of QS you don’t need a phd in political science to understand the movement of the tectonic plates of quebec in 2018. The election was strongly emphasised the decline of the traditional parties and the rise of the training courses the most recent.

Performance unexpected of Québec solidaire on the 1st of October has changed everything for the training. It is now recognized as an official party in the national Assembly. With ten deputies (as compared to three before the elections), it has adequate budget. With elected officials in Quebec city, Sherbrooke and Rouyn-Noranda, it also has anchors outside of Montreal.

The parliamentary chief, Manon Massé, has led an effective campaign — facilitated, according to Jean-François Lisée, by the lack of attention by the media, the caravan in solidarity. What it is : a contrario to the liberal, it is a kind ofannus mirabilis that saw QS in 2018, and the party is today transformed.

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