“Time zero”: on the road

«Temps zéro»: sur la route

Photo: François Godard
Daniel (Joakim Robillard) “borrows” the car and maternal and collects a auto-stoppeuse marginal and very unglazed referred to as Annie (Ariane Castellanos).

Has there ever spoken so much about fugue ? This problem of adolescence that fed the headlines of the news in recent years has also marked its presence in the world of fiction. The premise of zero Time also recalling that the recent Invisible, created The Little Unicorn : a “road movie theatre” which follows the leak in front of a(e) ado without history of the middle class. But the production that we can see Fred-Barry favours a registry a little bit less dark.

On a whim, because the girl that he had just confess his love has broken up with him, Daniel “borrows” the car mother without warning his loved ones. After having gathered an auto-stoppeuse, the marginal and very unglazed Annie (Ariane Castellanos), the 17-year-old embarks on a crossing spot of the Canada. An odyssey in the winter, shared both good and bad for two young people living the realities are very different.

Nothing really original, at the outset, in this piece well-intentioned of Marc-André Brunet, who wished to ” highlight the vulnerability and distress as live and silent too often teens “, and who seemed to want to stick as close as possible to its audience.

A quest for identity

Despite a few elements of a few shots, the adventure proves to be yet sympathetic. Thanks in particular to the composition responsive and natural to Joakim Robillard, focusing in ado wise man who tries to rid itself of its image cumbersome ” good guy “. The dialogues sound as quite fair.

And the stage director Charles Dauphinais is the maximum so that its target audience does not get bored. To the image of his narrative in the form of travel, the show moved out of short scenes, quick changes of moods. The staging manages to generate motion with only five actors — even when the scene would require more, such as the manif.

Hangers with clothes arranged on the sides of the tray allow quick changes of the characters by the cast (Marie-Eve Laverdure, Véronic Rodrigue and Marc-André Brunet himself, who likes to camp a few figures side-very characteristic). The piece does not lack humor. However, the few sequences crackpots, who take off from the real, clash a little in the entire, seemingly appearing out of nowhere.

This fragmentation is also reflected in the scenography designed by Clelia Brissaud. Welcoming the projections of images or text, these large blocks mobile office seat or bench seat car use the pace alert on the show. They also have a playful dimension, forming ultimately a real puzzle to assemble. As for the identity quest of Daniel, it is to pick up the pieces…

Time zero

Text of Marc-André Brunet. Directed by Charles Dauphinais. A production of the Theatre Fell out of the sky. At the salle Fred-Barry, until the 1st of December.

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