Valérie Plante denies having taken advantage of the announcements in the east of Montreal

Valérie Plante se défend d’avoir profité des annonces dans l’est de Montréal

Photo: Graham Hughes Archive The canadian Press
The mayor Valérie Plante believes that the announcements made by his administration had no effect on the results of Sunday.

Valérie Plante believes that the announcements made by his administration in recent weeks in the east of Montreal has had no impact on the outcome of the by-election in Rivière-des-Prairies–Pointe-aux-Trembles has won the candidate of projet Montréal, Caroline Bourgeois.

The mayor assigns rather the defeat of the candidate of All Montreal to attitude “negative” of the opposition.

During the by-elections held on Sunday, Caroline Bourgeois has been elected to the mayor of RDP-PAT with nearly 48 % of the vote. But the fight was tight against the candidate of the Whole Montreal, Manuel Guedes, who won 44.7% of the support. The independent candidate Marius Mining has harvested 6% of the vote.

In Saint-Michel, All Montreal has had more success in being elected its candidate for Josue Corvil, with 39.7% of the vote against 32.5 percent for Nadine Raymond, of Project Montréal. The independent candidate Reginald Pierre has been nearly 26 % of the vote.

The challenges of the opposition

Alongside Mr. Corvil Monday, the head of the Whole Montreal, Lionel Perez, was delighted with the victory of its candidate in Saint-Michel, said that he was disappointed with the result in RDP-PAT. He acknowledged that the former ruling party of Denis Coderre faced many challenges. “It’s been less than a year that it has the name “Ensemble Montreal” as a party, ” he reported.

According to him, the victory of Caroline Bourgeois is “fragile” given the thin spread of 363 votes separating the two candidates.

The announcements made in the last two weeks by the administration for the Plant in the east of Montreal, such as the rehabilitation of boulevard Gouin est and the declaration for the revitalization of the East last Friday, have contributed to the victory of Caroline Bourgeois to the mayor of RDP-PAT, ” he says.

All Montreal has filed a complaint with the Director general of elections of Quebec (DGEQ) in respect of the future site of the boulevard Gouin.

“We must not ignore the impact of the ads during the campaign. We will wait for the report of the DGEQ and the report of expenditure of Project Montreal to see whether or not they are going to include expenditures related to these ads, ” he said. “But try to believe that these ads were not strategic and that they have not had an impact, I think that would be an insult to the Montrealers. “

A minority within the borough council

Valerie Plant considers rather that these ads have had no effect on the results of Sunday.

“The people were not interested in a negative campaign such as that of the opposition in Rivière-des-Prairies–Pointe-aux-Trembles. [The members of the Whole Montreal] were attacking without proposing anything, ” she argued.

The new mayor Caroline Bourgeois, will be a minority within the borough council because four elected officials are part of the Overall team Montreal. They will sit alongside two elected members of projet Montréal, and an independent advisor. “I am a woman that brings people together. I am a person who works with people in place. […] I am very optimistic that we can work in the interest of the people, ” said Caroline Bourgeois, recalling that she knew well the councillors of the borough, itself served as elected before holding the position of director of the office of the ex-mayor Chantal Rouleau. “The momentum is there for the east of Montreal. This is really not the time to start a fight. Citizens want to be working together. “

Josue Corvil will be sworn in Friday. About Caroline Bourgeois, the date of his swearing-in has not been specified.

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